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Lead like GI Joe

by skoda on September 4, 2011

Learn to be a Leader like GI Joe


GI Joe was always a favorite of mine.  Anyone who grew up in the sixties and seventies know who I’m talking about.  He was a “True American Hero.”  I think that watching him take down the bad guys week after week had something to do with me joining the Military.  It was truly Good -vs- Evil.


Even though GI Joe’s appearance has changed over the Years, his image remains intact.  When he speaks…others listen.  He is a Leader in the purest form.  He leads by example and is not afraid of the unknown.  People follow him not because of his high intelectial skills he learned at a high-profile University, but because he can actually speak from experience.  Too many educators don’t have the experience to teach what they teach.


We must search for Leaders, Mentors and Coaches who have the experience that we are looking for.  After all, you wouldn’t ask someone in the Plumbing Field how to operate a Restaurant and you shouldn’t ask someone who has a failing Furniture Business how to operate a New Furniture Business either.  Make note…Failing at a business venture or in school does not make one a failure.  That is how experience is comes about, but one must get up and dust themselves off.  In other words, get back on the horse and Lead your way to success.

In the military, leaders only become that way after making those mistakes and getting back up.  Leaders have to be made.  Most aren’t born that way.  GI Joe has become the epitome of Leadership and we can follow his example.  Make those baby steps in your business and in life.  A coach, leader and mentor will be there when you fall and continue to guide you to your successes.

Vets need to help Vets.  Leaders need to help Leaders and so forth.  The more successful people we help out, the better standard of living everyone can have.  All economies should be prosperous.  Support our leaders even when they seem to make bad decisions.  Pray for them and offer sound advice if you have it.

Unfortunately, there will always be “Bad” Guys out there.  We call them negative people and Dream Stealers.   Avoid them as much as possible even if they are  family members.  Life is tough enough already.  Keep your head on straight and focus on your goals in life.  Find a GI Joe of your own to lean on in bad times.

When you fall (and you will), think about GI Joe and the price he paid to gain the experience to help you overcome obstacles in your own Life.

You don’t have to be in the Military to be able to recognize a leader.  They are all around us and You should Strive to become one yourself.  We need more leaders in our world to stomp on those bad guys and give us direction.

As a leader, you do have the responsibility to lead and to guide others to take your place someday.  Pick people up who fall and don’t ever belittle someone.  It’s inappropriate behavior.

As the adage goes, Lead, Follow or Get Out of the Way…..  Just like GI Joe…. “A True American Hero”



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