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Lead Generation Tools 101

by skoda on January 26, 2012

Everyone Needs to Learn “Lead Generation Tools 101”


 Network marketing lead tools are web based as well as old school devices used by corporations, partnerships, and sole proprietors to boost visibility, relevance and sales. This article will discuss the basic concepts of network marketing lead tools and lead generation. The purpose of this article is to provide the reader with enough information to determine the right type of network marketing lead tools with the penultimate goal of increasing revenues.


Network Marketing/Lead Tools Defined

Network marketing a.k.a. pyramid marketing, multi level, marketing, referral marketing, etc. is a system by which a sales agent earns income from:

  1. Sale of goods and services
  2. Number of individuals referred by the sales agent


Network marketing lead tools are therefore devices, systems, or any other related means by which network marketing maybe better affected and revenues generated.


Network Marketing/Lead Tools Set Up

The usual set up for an effective MLM requires independent sales associates. The nomenclature of the “associate” is not important, what is important is that these individuals earn income thru commissions in place of a regular salary. These commissions are both multi leveled and numbers based. Meaning, commissions are earned per sale and premium is given for meeting the quota and the commission is given to the seller and the person above the seller (referrer).


Network Marketing Lead Tools: Blog Site

One of the most common network marketing lead tools is blog sites. Blogs allow an entity to showcase their knowledge, experience and expertise. Tip, give out useful information to the reader to wet their beaks a little, but do not give them everything for free. Charge a minimal membership fee and provide weekly newsletters to keep them coming back for more.


Network Marketing Lead Tools: Go Mobile

A website is well and good but nowadays you have to tweak that site for smart phone and tablet browsing. Tip; make sure you tweak your site to accept multiple operating systems with limited computing capabilities (lower end smart phones with).


Network Marketing Lead Tools: Social Networking Sites

Social networking allows one to increase visibility at pretty much zero cost. Tip, social networking is not limited to facebook. There are a lot of social networking sites out there so register, register, and register some more.  But, Go Here for Free Facebook Training.


Network Marketing Lead Tools: Audiovisuals

The written word is not enough. This is because a simple article is too boring and commonplace. It is important to note that studies show that perception, understanding and the likelihood of conformity increases if both the sense of sound and of sight is used to bolster the written word.


Network Marketing Lead Tools: Link

A link is a shortcut to your main site. Making your main site more accessible equals more hits. More hits mean more sales. A caveat though, link only on related sites as well as relatively legitimate sites to avoid confusion and negative association.


Network Marketing Lead Tools: Sales Page

A Sales page is where you direct traffic for aggressive marketing. This should be used in consonance with a more subdued business page. The business page focuses more on the merits of the goods and/or service and is meant for more cerebral readers who demand more information.  The Best Capture/Sales Pages come from My Lead System Pro.  They are totally customizable for every Networker.  They have excellent Sales Pages built into MLSP, but you can create as many campaigns as you wish to in addition to those.


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