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Is Your Life A Vacation?

by skoda on December 13, 2013

Is Your Life A Vacation?


Do you know anyone who does not like to travel? If you do I would honestly be shocked because the ability to travel and see the world is something that is considered to be one of the highest aspirations and one of the greatest signs of having economic wealth and freedom that people look for in their lives.

To a certain extent I think this is a very good thing. However I do believe that people lose sight of the fact that there is a vacation waiting just in their backyard if they are willing to take the time to find. Now I’m not talking about things like a “staycation.” Personally I think that concept is just silly.


What I’m talking about is the simple idea that there are things all around the city and state that they most likely have never explored. If you ask anyone I’m sure they will tell you that there is a restaurant that they’ve always wanted to go to but have never had the time. At the same point in time that person could easily be complaining about not going on vacation because they don’t have enough money or they don’t have enough time to do that work.

Instead of complaining about what you cannot do you should look at the things that you can do. Going to a restaurant that you have never been to before is a great way to live your life like you’re on vacation. The same can be said about visiting monuments or other features in your state that you have never or rarely are able to go to. Let me just give you quick example. If you live in a place that is well known for its outdoor adventures. Things like great hiking trails or beautiful lakes and rivers then you have a vacation in your backyard that you can go to whenever you want. Frequently people overlook those little things because they begin to take them for granted.

You do not realize how amazing the place you live is until you go somewhere else that does not have those incredible features. Visiting beautiful waterfalls, or snorkeling in the ocean, or playing in a river or not necessarily things you have to travel very far to do.  Joining a Vacation Travel Club helps you save money and gives you better options than last minute fly-by-the-seat-of-your-pants arrangements.

I am a big advocate in treating your life like it is a vacation. That is whenever you approach a new event or new experience look at it through the eyes of a traveler. Do not be afraid of visiting a new and different restaurant, I mean chances are you would embrace that experience if you are traveling a foreign country, so embrace the experience when you are dying out in your own town.

Do not forgo the opportunity to see a concert is coming up in your hometown or to go to a play, ballet, or some other event that you may never have before thought of attending because it is those experiences that will ultimately define your life. Live life like it is a vacation.


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