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  • Keeping your focus and priorities will keep your ego straight.  Thanks for the insights! 

  • Joseph,  Great information, you’ve really got it flowing! Keep it coming.

    • Thanks Eric. We need to keep our egos in check….

    • Thanks Eric….  This can be a Dog-Eat-Dog World?

  • Brianfanale

    Love it man… keep your freakin’ ego in check, and just “Get-R-Done!”
    Keep it comin’ bro…


    • We just need to “Get-R-Done” No more excuses…. Thanks Brian…

    • That’s right Brian.   We need to “Check” our Egos at the Door!

  • Great Advice Joseph! I’m sure we all recognize these traits…. in others of course 😉

    • I like that Kristian.  It’s the “other” guys who are at fault.   I’ll remember that!

  • El Tigre

    Wow, you are a true inspiration. Awesome Article Joseph. Love your posts
    El tigre Florida

  • Great advice Joseph.. No one likes a snob and I know when I see someone who’s ego is bigger then them I tend to run the other way. Thanks for sharing!!

    • Not a Bad Idea April.   If only I could run faster….

  • Lucy Bieri

    Very good , I like that. Most people cannot control their ego.. Such  are people I believe to never have anything in their life, and suddenly, they get a good opportunity  they lose their stand..There is really no place for egos in this world. Thanks for sharing

  • Suz Hung

    yes, cannot agree more. need to keep our egos in check.

    • You’re Right Suz. We need to keep our Priorities in Order!

  • Jaime Cruz

    “Get-R-Done!” love it, yeap sometimes you nee to Get Uncomfortable and Make it Happen, other than that won’t get anywhere. Great Article Joseph.

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