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Insight Review of Mike Dillards Elevation Group (EVG)

by skoda on June 25, 2011

Mike Dillard, Chief Executive Officer of Magnetic Sponsoring will be replaced by Mr.Tim Erway as he steps down. Having made this decision, he sent out email messages to members of magnetic sponsoring stating that he will be launching what he calls the Elevation Group, an entirely net company, which is meant to be a guidebook and an insight to the strategies of the rich.

Reviews everywhere started stating various opinions about Mike Dillard’s Elevation Group (EVG). A blogger under the name of virgilnichol38 said that everybody is aware of who truly are Mike Dillard and his intentions on educating everyone about building prosperity. Mike Dillard is known for several techniques that would lead people to economical success. And that’s the reason why Mike Dillard is building the Elevation Group.


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