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How to Recruit Leaders Now

by skoda on June 29, 2011

Many New Marketers are afraid to approach Professionals in their Area for fear of rejection. Well the fact, rejection is everywhere so it’s time to step up to the plate in prospecting.

Most Leaders are leaders because they wanted to be and they did their research in their field of interest and all the work done to achieve a certain status in their own organizations. Some leaders are CEOs, Businessmen, Teachers, Medical Personnel, Military and even people with a General sense of Wisdom about themselves.

The fact is many of them desired to be better than mediocre in their lives. They strived harder for success. Success is measured in many ways not just financial. Many newbies don’t realize that many of these professionals don’t necessarily have a life. They may have the financial means to live comfortably, but many of them devote 10, 12 and even 16 hours a day to achieve the appearance of success. Many families suffer when one parent is absent from the families’ lives   because of the demands of the office. Some businesses actually own the Owner or CEO. They feel trapped and often can’t take much deserved vacations because they seem to always have to be there building the company.                

Stress is often common-place in many leaders’ lives because they may have high mortgages or expenses that need to be dealt with on an ongoing basis. They are not much different than the common man. They have debt and responsibilities like most of us have usually at a much larger amount.

We need to realize that these hard working professionals would love for someone to approach them and offer them an opportunity for continued success in their lives without all of the overhead and stress. It’s actually our obligation to approach every business professional out there. Don’t be afraid. You may actually make their day and offer them a way out.                                                                   


  • Alecia

    Excellent tips, be a leader and you will attract leaders.

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