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How to Overcome 4 MLM Problems

by skoda on August 12, 2011

The MLM Network Marketing Industry hasn’t really changed that much over the past decade. Of course, the Internet has revolutionized the industry and lots of minor factors have completely altered, but… the fundamentals are still the same.

Everyone still runs into the exact same problems as they did 6+ years ago. The very same problems I faced for years until I figured how to defeat them once and for all. So what are the 4 biggest problems that we all face as Network Marketers?

  1. Getting Started (Pitching friends & family, overcoming fears)
  2. Recruiting Mastery
  3. Generating Leads
  4. Duplication

Sound familiar? Of course it does… Simply because we all run into those 4 problems PERIOD. Over the past couple of years David Wood and others have been scheming up evil ways to eliminate the 4 biggest problems faced by Networkers and I believe that these Gurus succeeded. Anyway, here is how to overcome them.

Getting started is frustrating a pain in the A _ _, there’s no other way to put it. It really is the hardest part. Getting your business off the ground and making some serious money. Once you’re making some serious cash, you’re pretty much unstoppable. As long as you don’t make any stupid decisions, it’s generally uphill from there.

Getting started basically involves overcoming your fears, learning new things and recruiting a few of your warm market contacts. It’s basically where you wonder into the unknown a little and get out of your comfort zone. That’s why so many networkers fail to get started. They hate leaving their comfort zone and would rather remain just over broke than get out their phone book.

So when you’re just getting started, you need to get real! If you’re not willing to pick up the phone and approach your warm market or dial up a few leads, what the heck are you doing? Seriously, this industry isn’t for wimps. Once you get the guts to pick up the phone, it’s really important to approach ALL your warm market. I’m talking your friends and family if you’re willing to do business with them. Next you should contact “acquaintances” who you sort of know, but aren’t exactly buddies with.

Once done you should have a couple of reps below you. You really have no excuses, you should at least recruit 5 people in your first month as a Network Marketer. If you haven’t recruited at least 5 people, you’re probably a wimp who’s afraid of contacting people and this business isn’t for you. I’ll break down a simple recruiting formula in a minute, but it’s a pretty straight forward process. Once you’ve burnt through your warm market list, you need to dive into a couple of offline MLM marketing strategies.

There are plenty of offline marketing strategies you can use to recruit at least 10 people in your first month. In that post I talk about going out and meeting people, offline advertising & more. When I say there are plenty of offline marketing strategies, I mean there are plenty of ways to get your foot in the door. In plain English, you can and should use offline strategies to get your business off the ground.

Those idiots who dive straight into the online stuff really shoot themselves in the foot. When you’re getting started, you need to see fast results. The ONLY way to see fast results in Network Marketing, is to get your hands dirty with offline promotions. Calling up your warm market, home meetings, networking events and all the other strategies I mention in offline MLM marketing strategies.

Next is recruiting, recruiting is EASY! Trust me, it’s the easiest part of the business once you’ve mastered it. You should really only have 2 recruiting strategies. One when you’re starting out and another when you’re generating leads & doing all that crazy online stuff. At first, you just need to get on the phone with your warm market. Once that’s done and dusted you need to move onto the authority recruiting formula.  

Just for the sake of me explaining this, let’s talk hypothetically. Let’s say you’ve got 100 leads, here’s what to do. First you’re going to need an online video presentation. You know, a presentation that covers the dream and the lifestyle your opportunity can provide. All that good stuff, you just have to paint a picture in your prospects mind. If your prospects think it’s their idea to join your opportunity, you’re good to go. As long as you don’t come across as desperate or anything… just remember that you are in control. You have what they want and they are not in the position to make demands. Anyway, your presentation…

Once you’ve established a potential prospect, send them to your presentation by phone. For this to work, your potential prospects absolutely must be somewhat interested in what you’re doing. But at the same time they mustn’t know exactly what you do. Being secretive is a great way to build curiosity which results in people actually paying attention to your presentations.

Anyway, get your prospects on the phone and ask them if they’ve got a spare half hour. If they don’t, ask to speak at a better time. Then once you’ve got hold of them, ask them to go over to their computer. If they’re not at home, arrange another time. You must have them in front of their computers. Anyway, once you’ve got them at their computer with at least 30 minutes spare, give them the exact URL of your presentation.

Tell them to watch it all and that you’ll call them back after it’s finished. This way you’ve put them in a position where they have no choice but to watch it. Seriously, this recruiting process is powerful. If you just tell people to go watch your presentation and that you’ll get back to them, they won’t watch the presentation. People are fools, they don’t know what’s good for them (generally speaking). So call them back after they’ve watched the presentation, and ask them what they liked. You could ask if they’ve got any questions, but then you’ll have to deal with all their rejections and limiting beliefs etc.

So ask them what they liked, and then say, “cool, can you tell me more about that”. Then, you say the magical words… “Well, it sounds like you’re ready to get started”. Bam, 2+/10 people will say yeah, I’m ready to get started. So you say, here’s what to do next. Click on the video or go to this URL, click on package X and start filling out the form. Tell them as soon as they’re done, you’re going to get them plugged into the system so they can get started right away.

Whilst they’re filling out the form, tell them you’re going to go grab a sandwich and that you’ll leave the phone line open. By putting the phone down, you might lose around 30%+ of prospects. People will have second thoughts and decide against your opportunity. If this last year has taught me anything about people and decisions, it’s that you shouldn’t give them time to think!! Give people time to think and they’ll automatically come up with reasons why they shouldn’t join you.

Generating leads is the next biggest problem Networkers face. If you’ve done all of the above with your warm market, friend’s friends and acquaintances, you should have enrolled a bunch of people. This is the point where most people wait a few weeks, see no duplication and throw in the towel. The reason being is that they have no one else to talk to. So you have to get online and start generating leads.

I’m not going to teach you how to generate leads as that would be stupidity. It would take me all week. There’s plenty of content and training around that will help you get your lead flow sorted. You just need a few tools, an autoresponder, a domain, hosting and traffic. The traffic part can be tough for some people. All I can say is start with 1 traffic generation strategy. Whether it be paid PPC, article marketing or blogging. (If you want instant results you may have to pay for traffic)

Problem #4, duplication….

Duplication has been every Networker’s enemy. Here’s the deal, you’re in no way going to make a fortune in Network Marketing without solid duplication. Have you checked out any new compensation plans lately? Most of them start paying out the big bucks once you’ve personally enrolled like a dozen distributors who are all doing X amount of sales every month. Unfortunately, you can’t exactly build a 7 figure MLM business with stand alone recruiting. Believe me, I tried and it didn’t work.

The solution? Training, training and more training. Setup a training system for your team. A getting started guide that talks about offline marketing. Cold calling, warm market pitching, networking, dropping business cards and all that stuff. Once people go through that initial training they should be able to bring aboard half a dozen new reps. Mostly their warm market. Once they’ve done that, then you can teach them online marketing.

Teach them how to generate leads and how to use their own presentations. Really, it’s so so simple. You just need a lead flow, a good presentation and a mobile phone. Mix those 3 things together and you’ve got yourself a 7+ figure MLM business!

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