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How To Be An Entrepreneur

by Mr Joe on June 30, 2011

how to be an entrepreneur
1.)I wanted to make as much money as possible & i heard that it can be nice to run your own business. I love it!

2.) My company offers a wide range of Collectable Assets.

 3.) My company started out, is a for of the corporation.)

4.) I feel the advantages that you get to run as we want and whenever I want. “A business properly, it runs itself”

 5.) Disadvantages, hmm, shareholder value was lower in the recession 2008 economic. I feel that running a business stringent enough. And possibley should adopt a more autocratic approach.

6.) Yes, I sold 37% in 2011. I sold to make some money, but I’m still the majority shareholder.

                                                                                      7.) Hmmm, it is very tempting to “live life” if you succeed. It is easy the only book holidays in Spain and America,                                                                          however, I avoided this and invested money and profits back into the business.

                                                                                      8.) Hmm, becareful, there is no space for business just to cope.

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