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Rob Fore’s Golden Nugget

by skoda on June 6, 2011

I Found the Golden Nugget – I Thought!


I was looking forward to this meeting all week.  I recently got involved in a Business Venture with Rob Fore and was looking for that Golden Nugget that would propel me to success.  Anyone who’s anyone in the Network Marketing World knows who he is.  He has two extremely successful businesses already and decided to work on another one.  I’d be really stupid not to pay attention when he had something to say.  We are suppose to learn from other people’s mistakes and to surround ourselves with those that have what we want, right?

I talked to him last week and he told me to stop by if I’m ever in town.  That was an invitation that I could not afford to let pass me by.  The infamous Network Marketing Guru, Rob Fore, called me and asked me to stop by.  So, I get in my car and drive North for 10+ hours.  I drive from Santa Maria, California to Carson City, Nevada to learn the secret of the “Golden Nugget.”  Who else was I going to learn from?  He has what I want and has made a lot more mistakes that I hope that I’ll never have to make. 

When I finally arrive into town, he agreed to meet me at the Fandango Casino.  Wow, was this the “Golden Nugget” he was talking about.  Nope!….False alarm.  Probably a good thing since I stopped in Reno on the way to see him.  He picked me up in his top-of-the-line Toyota Prius.  I expected a Mercedes, BMW or at least a Corvette. was a Prius.  He said that he really cares about the environment and does his part to keep it safer and he loves the gas mileage.

Instead, he takes me to “Borders.”  OK, great…we’ll get some coffee and go to his office for his masterminding secrets.  That wasn’t so…the cashier gave us some coffee and heated up some Chocolate Chip cookies for us.  I strongly believe that he has been there before.

After some small chit-chat (I mean small because he doesn’t like to waste time), we got down to business I think.  I was expecting some of the latest marketing tips or special computer programs he uses to get the massive traffic he gets to his websites.  So, I drank my coffee slowly to ensure that I didn’t miss any information he had to share.  After all, I invested my time and money to be there also.

I bluntly asked him Why he started another Network Marketing Business.  Rob has been all over the world and has a  fairly large organization of 11,000 or so members.  He said that he wanted to get involved so that he could “MOVE TO 72”  WHAT!  I didn’t understand.  He explained that he’d like to have at least 3 homes somewhere in the world that he could go to on a short-notice to enjoy at least 72-degree weather.  It was a simple, but powerful message.  He lives in a wonderful place, Carson City is in fact the Capital of Nevada, but it can get rather cold.   Snow was still in the mountains and it’s already June.

I tried to catch him off guard, I reminded him that I’m a disabled Vet and drove a long distance to see him.  I also had to bring up my losses in Reno.  He remained focused on “Move to 72.”   He did; however, pick up the tab for the coffee and cookies.  So, he’s not all that bad.  He said that most people collect debt rather than  assets and that’s why many stay poor or struggle all of their lives.

As we drove away from Borders, we watched several homeless people on the streets.  he stressed that we all need to stop giving away “hand-outs” and that we need to give only “hand-ups.”   He told me that he has given hand-outs to several of those same people over the years but that they lack the motivation to do anything with it.

I thanked him for the Golden Nugget and realized that it was in me all along.  It wasn’t “Move to 72” that motivated me.  It is my strong desire to help out other veterans with a “Hand-Up” attitude while we parade around this beautiful earth of ours helping others.  Basically, The only thing that matters in your Life is your “Why.”  You will find a way to accumulate wealth or have the lifestyle that you deserve once you’ve figured out your own Why.

On my long 10-hour drive back home I had a lot of time to think about what he said.  We all have our own “Golden Nuggets” inside of us and we need to learn to release them.  In fact, I got involved with Rob Fore because he made me walk on glass and break an arrow with my neck.  He is here guiding Tracey Walker across the glass.  He is a Class Act…All Leaders take chances and learn to build confidence.  He showed all of us in Cancun that we can’t let anything stop our “Why.”   Crazy, Huh!  Or not?   What is your “Move to 72”?

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  • Anonymous

    Great post Joseph! Having the “Hand-Up” attitude may not always be “liked” by some, but it is 1000X more Powerful to those that Listen. {} & Welcome to the “Silver” family 🙂

    • Thanks Orlin. I’m still humbling myself….

    • Thanks Orlin.   “Hand-Up” attitude is what will make all of us stronger in the end….

  • Brianskoda

    The time is Now !!
    If People want to do things the right way you give all the info they need to get started.
    Why spend 100k for an education when all the business knowledge is with you Class A+ Education here  .
    Save School money and learn with the Best

    • You are so right Brian. People need to do things the right way by learning from other’s mistakes…

  • Joseph.  Brilliant!  Your Why!  I’m disabled too and I want to give those who are a chance at a better life.  After all, if I can do it, so can they.  Again.  Brilliant.

    • Thanks Kerry, We need to stick together to help those that truly need us….

  • Silvercoinofthemonth

    Good story Joseph. If your ‘why’ isn’t big enough, then your methods won’t be either.

    • That’s Pretty Much the Secret or “Golden Nugget” Takeaway many of us don’t understand!  Nothing should get in your way of achieving Success in all aspects of your life….

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