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Get Paid Daily with My Lead Company

by skoda on October 25, 2011

Get Paid Daily while Creating Leads with My Lead Company

The truth is, the reason people fail inside of Network Marketing is because of a lack of LEADS & CASHFLOW.

-Free to Join -Free replicated website

-Get 100 Free Leads at launch (Oct 26th, 2011)

Straightline Compensation Program

-Daily Payouts

You Don’t Have To Be A Genius To Master Lead Generation

The  My Lead Company Mission Statement is to assist you in creating an additional stream of income

– income so stable and secure it can lead to a lifetime of wealth and prosperity. Whether your goal is to gain extra income which pays you DAILY or to escape the stress of the rat race altogether, MyLeadCompany wishes to help you in accomplishing this.


4 Ways to get Paid


–   First Order Bonus: Earn 50% commission of first order from everyone that purchases leads from your My Lead Company website.

–  Daily Infinitive Commissions: Earn daily commissions on the entire MyLeadCompany daily sales volume.

–  World Wide Bonus Pools: Qualify for up to 10 Bonus pools.

–  Founders Pool: Top 1% who help promote My Lead Company NOW!

MLC officially launches Nov 1st BUT don’t wait!!! You want to lock in your founding level position immediately!!! There is nothing to buy during prelaunch and as always it is FREE to join, plus We’re giving away 100 FREE Leads for your business! As of this moment we are on track to make network marketing history by becoming the Fastest Growing Network Marketing Company of ALL time!!! The truth is, the reason people fail inside of Network Marketing is because of a lack of LEADS & CASHFLOW. Once you have the amount of leads you need, you never have to worry about building a profitable business of your own.

Let’s face it, quality leads are the foundation of every successful company. My Lead Company has designed a way for you to get paid and generate leads at the EXACT SAME TIME! No matter what company you’re promoting or what program, you’ll benefit from leads this new company will provide for you at reasonable costs.


  • This looks like a new company.  Can you keep us posted on your results?

    • Joseph Skoda

      My Lead Company had a few bugs when it first launched, but they do provide Quality Leads and the money is starting to come in on a regular basis.  First 100 Leads are Still Free.

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