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Futuristic Marketing Bonus – Done For You Set Up

The ‘Done-For-You’ FM Set Up…

1.)  The Futuristic Marketing ‘Done-For-You’ Money Machine (literally worth over $17,000) – Just Added!

What are the 3 things you need in order to make a ton of money with the Futuristic Income Machine (automated webinar software you’re already getting with Futuristic Marketing)?

1.)  A product to sell…
2.)  Your own recorded sales webinar to sell that product, which converts viewers into buyers.
3.)  Someone to set up all the technical parts of the above, to make sure it all works smoothly…

We realized that, and so we have done something pretty amazing for those who buy from us: When you decide to get Futuristic Marketing from this page, you’ll get ALL the above, absolutely FREE.

That’s right… our team will set ALL of the above up for you… so all you have to do, is share your ‘Futuristic Income Machine’ link with others on Facebook, LinkedIn, or wherever else you hang out online.

What is the product you get to sell – as your own?

A fantastic product produced by Internet rising star Matt Lloyd.  It’s called ‘Online Income Revolution’ and it’s a 3 day event, with Matt Lloyd, Daegan Smith, Greg Gomez, and others… tickets were $1,000, and only 50 people were allowed to attend.

You’ll be able to sell ‘Online Income Revolution’ for $997, and keep 90% of the money…

There are over 24 hours of high quality video content in this program – so it is worth every penny.  You’ll be able to offer this to YOUR customers.

You can see the actual sales letter for it at

So you must be wondering: Is it really ‘done for you?’

Yes.  It won’t take you more than 10 minutes to get us what we need… and then we’ll take it from there.

We’ll write the script for your webinar.  We’ll record it.  We’ll upload it onto our hosting account (so your not paying ongoing hosting costs).

We’ll take care of all the technical parts of setting it up, and just hand you a complete ‘done-for-you’ already-working webinar, ready to make you sales.

We’ll provide the customer support.

We’ll provide the fulfillment.

We’ll create the entire product…

You’ll get to leverage our credibility too – it’s much harder to get sales online if you haven’t yet had a whole lot of success.  With this, your results don’t matter – since Matt Lloyd and his team be doing all the selling for you…

We’ll do all the tech set up (Matt hired Jonathan Budd’s personal tech manager – the same guy behind the Futuristic Marketing launch, to help manage the tech for this, to be sure everything runs smoothly).

The real value here (besides being able to make $897 commissions) is the fact you’ll have us writing, and recording the webinar script.

The last webinar Matt co-hosted with Jonathan Budd back in early 2012, they maxed out the lines with 1,000 attendees, and made just over 70 sales.  At $3,000 apiece!  You do the math on that…

Anyone can host a webinar.  But few people can host a sales webinar that makes a ton of money – that takes a lot of practice, and few people can do it well.

Matt will record the sales webinar to sell ‘Online Income Revolution’ for you.  You will be able to sell this program for $997 … and, you keep 90% of that (just under $900) per sale.

Matt has never offered this before… and it is strictly for the first 300 buyers.  And Matt has indicated that he will NEVER offer this again (since it’s a ton of extra work he will be doing for you).

The only reason he and his team is offering it to you now – reluctantly I might add, is to make our Futuristic Marketing Bonus better than any other being offered.

Here’s how it will work:  you’ll promote your webinar (the one our team sets up for you) on Facebook.  As soon as someone registers for the webinar through your link, you’ll get the lead… they’ll then be invited to attend the online workshop, at 9pm that night.

They’ll go along.

If they decide to buy, they’ll pay $997 upfront – OR pay with the payment plan – and you’ll pocket 90% of that as your commission.

We’ll set up your automated webinar for you on Facebook, ready to sell ‘Online Income Revolution’… you just need to put it in front of people.

This will only be done this one time – for the first 300 buyers of Futuristic Marketing, from this page (or any of the other of  ‘Matt Lloyd and the Underdogs’ team members).  If this section has not yet been removed, it means there’s a few left.  Just use this link to order and it’s all yours:

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