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From Mediocrity to Success in MLM

by skoda on August 27, 2011

Go from Mediocrity to True Success in MLM


Success comes with consistent actions.  Whatever business your are in, be consistent with the following tips so that you can grow your business a little faster than the rest of your competition.

Mediocrity To Success Tip #1: Study Your Target Market

What demographic are you targeting to be consumers for your business? Are they working moms ages 30 to 40? Are they businessmen ages 50 to 60? Do they belong to the youth sector ages 15 to 29? Whoever your target market is, every time you build a business, make sure you know what their psyche is.  What are their needs and wants? What are their motivations? What are their buying habits? Remember the saying the “you cannot manage what you cannot measure.” You cannot do well with your target market if you do not have any measurable data as to how they really think, act or react to a certain product.  That is why customer research is one of the keys to success.

Also, make sure to distinguish between business builders and product consumers. The business builders may buy your products a few times but your product consumers would be more willing to buy it more regularly.  The business builders are your downlines that purchase your product as part of the package price to join the team while your product consumers are outsiders to your business that buys your product out of a personal need or want. Thus, you can’t be earning as much if you would only focus on your downline, focus your efforts as well on your real consumers instead.

Mediocrity To Success Tip #2: Map out an Effective Marketing Plan

After you have figured out which persons to target your business or focus your efforts on, it is now time to map out your marketing plan.  A marketing plan consists of the specifics in your product, price, place and promotion.  For product, how would you convey the product benefits effectively? How would the packaging look like? What would be the product varieties in terms of size, type and quantity? For Price, what would be the terms of payment offered? What are the price variations per type and per quantity? For place, what is your means of distribution? Do you sell online, and ship the product to them? Do you have an online store to complement the brick and mortar one? For promotion, what would be the come-ons to your product? Do you offer coupons? Will you hold a sale for a certain period? Do you offer buy 1 take 1 items? All these are considerations for an effective marketing plan that will transform your business dramatically from mediocre to a success.



  • I am always surprised how many people start “doing marketing” without a real plan and then they wonder why they don’t get results… Those tips are  a great share Joseph!

  • Great tips there Joseph. Thanks for sharing. 

  • Excellent tips!  So key on the target market.  People just through stuff out and hope to get biters.  

    • Thanks Alecia…. We need to Target our Prospects for more profitability….

  • Excellent tips!  So key on the target market.  People just through stuff out and hope to get biters.  

  • EHI

    Knowing your target market is really key to becoming successful in MLM

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