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Freedom is the Word

by skoda on June 17, 2011

Today is Friday (at least where I Live), and I’m thankful. Not just because it’s TGIF, but because I don’t have to think like that anymore. Just a few years ago I always looked forward to Fridays since I usually had weekend off from work. Unfortunately, so did everyone else. The traffic getting back and forth was horrific. The beach or parks were always overcrowded and our family usually arrived home more stressed than we left.

Well anyways, that’s NOT me anymore. I often go to the beaches or park during the week when most people are at their J O B. Because of decisions that I made a few years ago I have more Freedom than ever before. Sure, I still go to the grocery store and see my doctor on a regular basis, but I have the freedom to choose when I go now. Almost every wednesday I’m drinking my morning coffee on Pismo Beach. It’s relaxing for me and kind of a stress reliever.

It’s time that you take Action to have a better Life for yourself. Life is too short to be stuck in traffic. Freedom is the Word. Make everyday your TGIF. You don’t have to wait for Fridays…Come get it!!!

  • Falerosj

    Joseph the only stump in the road is getting someone away from distractions from getting what they want. Thanks for reminding us who have taken your great advice and to the novices.

    • I’m with you on this one Sonia… We need to avoid distractions the best that we can….

  • Cool Enjoy dude Freedom is the Word!

    • Freedom is the Word. Thanks Stephen!

  • Brinskoda

    freedom is great ,you work hard you deserve it .may everyone strive to be the best to succeed like you

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