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Free Leads with Complete Tribal Content Syndication

by skoda on June 30, 2011

“How A College Drop-Out and A Corporate America Screw-Up Now Get 1000’s of FREE Website Visitors, Instantaneously Build 2,418 Back-Links with ZERO Effort, and Scientifically Discovered a Way To Quadruple Your Affiliate Commissions in Under 100 Days!”


Tribal Content Syndication is the complete “total package” that will equip you with everything you require to get more leads and make more money starting TODAY!

Experienced or not, wherever you are in your business, we’re going to help you take it to the next level in a very big way. From the basics of creating a blog, to doing the keyword and content research, to automatically syndicating your content across the web to get THOUSANDS of backlinks, page views, and leads overnight, to quadrupling your affiliate checks and doubling your conversion rates… Tribal Content Syndication will show you EXACTLY what the top earners are up to!

Just look at what you get immediate access to in these 7 Modules:

Module 1: Creating a Killer Blog ($197 value)

A step-by-step guide to creating your very own google optimized blog to climb the search engines and get FREE traffic 24×7, and everything you require to then convert that traffic to leads. After completing this module, you will have a professional looking blog that would cost you hundreds of dollars if you outsourced.

Module 2: Content Creation Research ($197 value)

You will learn the 3 different types of video and blog content to create that will generate the most QUALITY leads for your business residually, for free, for life. We will also show you the HOTTEST places and websites we personally use to come up with our cutting-edge content ideas so that you never run into “writer’s block” again!

Module 3: Keyword Research ($97 value)

If you’re not doing keyword research properly, you’re wasting your precious time and hard-earned money! This module will show you how to EASILY dig deep and find the money keywords that will not only rank, but will get you clicks, visitors, leads, and sales with this often overlooked, super user-friendly free google keyword research tool that will cut your research time by 90%.

Module 4: Content Creation ($297 value)

It’s time to physically CREATE YOUR CONTENT! We’re going to show you the exact kind of content that Adam’s used to generate 1000’s of leads and recruit the #1 earner inside MLSP for FREE! Adam’s used this one strategy alone to sponsor 100+ people into MLSP, and Jordan’s used this one strategy to TRIPLE HIS AFFILIATE COMMISSIONS OVERNIGHT!


Module 5 – Content Syndication with TribePro ($97 value)

A step-by-step guide to setting up TribePro, the most innovative content syndication platform that is a must-have for your business. How to submit your content to get top 10 google rankings, how to connect with other tribe members to build a huge group of syndicators and friends, and how to get 2,418 instant “shares” on every piece of content you create!

Module 6 – Converting Traffic to Leads, and Leads to Signups ($297 value)

The most effective social media strategies to turn your existing leads into more sales, sign-ups, and money for your business! We’re going to show you how to double your conversions with the same amount of traffic, how to convert your leads both on and off the phone, and the most powerful way to leverage email communications to build relationships on autopilot.

Module 7 – Bonus Module ($497 value)

Learn the ultimate FACEBOOK RECRUITING STRATEGY! With this one simple strategy, you can go from brand new day 1 in the industry today, to signing up people into MLSP or your primary business by the end of the night! We’ll also teach you how to stay on top of Google’s search engine once you’re there to ensure you get free traffic for years to come.
These 7 modules will change the way you market your business forever. Aren’t you ready to finally STOP STRUGGLING, wasting your time, energy, and money? Aren’t you tired of being broke because you simply can’t figure out the “marketing” side of your business?

Come see why your marketing efforts aren’t building a multi 6-figure business.

Come see why you are not generating an unlimited amount of leads for free.

Come see behind closed doors how the top earners are CRUSHING it online!

Tribal Syndication Domination is the solution you’ve been asking for, and it’s finally here. If you’re serious about building your online presence and creating an extremely profitable business, buy TSD right now before the price increases drastically and you end up paying hundreds of dollars more than you need to!

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