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Financial Company Review of Primerica

by skoda on July 20, 2012

Business Opportunity : Primerica Review


When you hear about Primerica, what comes to your mind? Formerly a subdivision of Citigroup, Primerica is a referral marketing company that is dedicated to the sale of financial services and products using distribution, franchising and direct selling as its methods. It provides home loans, mutual funds, and life insurance that follow the credo of encouraging and empowering its employees.


Primerica is dedicated to educating people when it comes to the financial market. They do not hesitate to share financial information about retirement funds, credit cards and insurances that other companies do not always want to inform their clientele.


The next question is, can you earn from Primerica?


This company focuses on selling financial products such as debt management plans, credit monitoring, home insurance, auto insurance, pre-paid legal services, long-term care insurance, managed accounts, segregated funds, annuities, and mutual funds. Primerica is also financially secure since it caters to more than 2 million investment accounts and 4.3 million life insurance policies. Its businesses are in Puerto Rico, Spain, Canada and United States. In 2010 alone Primerica has paid a total of more than $500 million dollars to their agents.


Primerica helps families be in control of their financial security and to live a life that is debt-free. This company is showing them that there is no need for them to settle for anything less, or to downsize their goals. Primerica shows them how to be financially independent. In other words, they are helping families in the economic aspect.


Primerica; More than a Company that Sells


They are doing this by teaching families to save up and learn the basics in the financial aspect. Primerica is also showing them how to start a business and even change their lives for the better by adopting business principles. They have been this since 1977 and they have been changing the way people view the insurance companies. Primerica is connected with reputable companies such as MetLife, Franklin Templeton, AIM investments, and Citicorp.


Primerica shows people how to make an income on their own, start up operations and even prepare for the licensing exams. They will also provide you with legal advice round the clock when you need it. The hours in Primerica are flexible, and you can be your own boss if you choose to. You are taught how to recruit and become licensed in debt consolidation and securities.


Though a training Program is put into place, the average rep still has problems learning how to recruit new reps outside of his or her warm market.  Using a Top-Knotch System of My Lead System Pro will help.


It’s a Great Opportunity to Earn


For those who are hard working Primerica a great way to earn a livable income. Plus they can work on their own schedules and have their own businesses. Primerica also provides a great support group so that agents and entrepreneurs can communicate with one another. It also protects families by purchasing life insurances at an affordable price and investing in their family’s future.


Another way to earn is to collect assets.  They don’t talk much about how the regular GI Joe Client can collect assets.

I recommend checking out NUMIS for an easy way to do this.


The Downside with Primerica


The only problem is that some are still finding Primerica a multi-level marketing scheme. Other complaints included the fact that there is no available information as to how to get started with Primerica on its very own website. It also lacks in the fact in the information department, making others doubtful in terms of endorsing products by Primerica.


Conclusion: Primerica can be a Great Way to Have an Income


These concerns, however, are not something one should worry about especially with a company that has been around for 35 years. Primerica You can always call them up and ask for more detailed information. Primerica business opportunities can only work if you work hard and have the drive to make it a successful venture. Primerica will provide you with all the tools that you need, all you have to do is to make it work through time and perseverance.


They have the tools, but they still need a Total Marketing System that “My Lead System Pro” provides to increase chance of success.

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