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Face Your Fears and Make this a Year of Firsts

by skoda on January 1, 2012

Make this a Year of Firsts – Personal and Professional


Too often people focus mainly on their businesses and jobs instead of the family that supports them.  That is usually the reason we often forget why we are working so hard and putting so much emphasize on our Professional Lives.

I am truly Blessed for this past Year of Firsts in my Life.  Not only have I traveled to many places for the first time such as Tampa Bay, Lake Tahoe, Big Sur, Sequoia and Yosemite National Parks and I even visited Hearst Castle.  I’ve also attended my First-Ever Mastermind Trip to an all-inclusive Resort in Cancun, Mexico where I learned some very important lessons to help me grow my business and even walked on broken glass.

This was a year that I attended our First-Ever Clark Air Base, Philippine Reunion held in Las Vegas.  I was once stationed there as an F-4 Tactical Aircraft Mechanic in the 80s and haven’t seen most of the other attendees in 25 years.  A fantastic reunion and I still keep in touch with many of them and we will continue the reunions.

This past year my son, Jesse and I appeared in one of Howie Mandel’s Mobbed episode where we learned a dance routine that we did in the bowling alley scene.  I also took him to his first Mexican Bar.  It put a tear in my eye.  I was even able to purchase my oldest son, Joe a brand new laptop.  This was huge because I never had the resources before and all I could do was pass on some old out of date technology in the past.

I started my first blog and after a few revisions am able to accumulate more and more leads each day because of it into my business.  This is the first year where I have prospects calling and contacting me to learn more about my business and how I can help them.  I even set up my first fan page where I give FREE Facebook Training.

I was elected to the Disabled American Veterans (DAV) Officers Board where I hold the title of Senior Vice Commander and am on the Board of our First- Ever Santa Barbara’s Veterans Court and the First-Ever Central Coast Veteran’s Committee.  I have been in parades, meetings and interviews supporting our Military Veterans.

I went SCUBA diving in Key West for the first time and even started my Nusmatic Silver-Coin Collection which already went up in value this year.  I’ve learned the techniques of Pay-Per-Click (PPC) Marketing and even how to pick up the phone and introduce myself to people I’ve never met before.

This has been a year of Firsts for me and next year I’ll have many more opportunities for other Firsts in my life.  Take action in creating your own firsts in life with family and business.  Life is too short to let it waste away.  Go back to church if it’s been awhile.  Develop a new skill and start a new tradition in your family.  We can’t go back.  We can only move forward.


Face Your Fears and Make THIS Year Count!



  • Great post Joseph, I really love your writing style. Thank you for sharing your firsts to inspire each and everyone of us. Warmest Regards Shirley

    • Joseph Skoda

      Thanks Shirley.  We all need to share our experiences to inspire others.  This is going to be a great year….

  • Holly ….., Joseph, 

    You’ve gotta tell me about the glass walk, man!

    Peace out!


    • Rob Fore has all of us in Cancun face our Fears that way in addition to breaking arrows with our necks.  We have nothing to fear so don’t let anything get in the way of our success….

      • Wow, like Tony Robbin’s fire walk. That sounds like fun.


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