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Ever Lose Interest in Your Life?

by skoda on June 19, 2017

Ever Really Lose Interest?


I got lucky the other day.  That is playing “Texas Hold ‘Em!  I usually play with a group every Friday night on the local Air Force Base.  Sometimes we play at my house.  This past Saturday we bbq and played cards till 3:30 am on Father’s Day!  A great time since all of us were single.  This time I won!  I’ve been going through a dry spell in my card playing the past few months.  The game didn’t matter much to me lately and I was easily distracted.

Has this ever happened to you?   Where you kinda lose interest in things that use to matter.


Most of us were told to get good grades in school so that we could go to a good college and use that degree for a good job.  Then we find ourselves upwards of $30 thousand dollars in debt before we get that job which usually isn’t even the job or career that we went to school for.


I did those things, but was fortunate that the United States Air Force picked up most of my tuition tab for me.  Even though I made it up the ranks in my career and earned several college degrees including Masters of Business (MBA), that didn’t guarantee me success in the “Real” World.  I got “good” grades and have even achieved a PhD in Psychology but I was still struggling looking for that perfect job once I left the military.  Often I was told that I was Overqualified for a position.  I found this awkward since the job was often in a field I had little experience with.

Since leaving the Air Force a few years ago I also looked in augmenting my military retirement with an Online Business using Network Marketing.  Sure there were cost involved and lots more work than I anticipated.  But let’s compare.

Four years at a University earning a Bachelor’s Degree could easily cost $20 thousand dollars each year making the total after 4-years of $80 thousand dollars.  A full-time workload could easily take 30-40 hours a week just to pass the program.  When you get that diploma in hand the real stress begins looking for suitable work to support yourself AND pay back any student loans.  You actually MUST find a way to beat out your competition in the job market to get ahead.  You’re lucky (as society says) to make it this far.

Sure, I got my degrees but it took 12 years to get my first Associates degree which normally only takes 2 years.   You see … I was distracted.  Of course, at that time I was a young father who deployed a lot with the military and didn’t make the time to follow through.  I kinda lost interest.  But, that is NO excuse for still following my dreams.  I was lost, confused … distracted!

I loved my career (most days) but didn’t always take the time to focus on my relationships or even my financial stability.   Sure, I retired with an MBA but still didn’t have any real direction in my life.

It was several years after I retired when I decided it was time to stop “spinning my wheels” and to try something new.  Now, we’ve all heard of those get-rich schemes.  Yep…. They hooked me in real good and I lost thousands of dollars and a few friends along the way.  I became bitter and non trusting of opportunities for a long time.

I’m still not sure how I decided to spend most of my savings on a trip to Cancun to learn the Network marketing biz from the gurus, but I went anyways.  It didn’t take long from me to realize that I had to change my “stinkin – thinkin”.   You know what I mean.  We build this wall around us and do what our friends do.  That’s ok if you want what your friends have.  In my case … my friends were broke.   Sure … they had dreams, but it mostly was about hitting the lottery or worse going back to school.

Anyways, that Mastermind Event changed the way I look at my future and has helped me make “real” influential friends along the way.  Now I vacation more and this time the VIP way.  But, more importantly I feel that I’m able to ma e a difference in other’s lives.  Take a leap of faith.  Education is extremely important, but it doesn’t have to come from a classroom.

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