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Private Invitation to Team Up With Joseph Skoda AND

Rob Fore (Multiple Six-Figure Income Earner)



Put the Odds of Success GREATLY in Your Favor


Rob Fore has been my Sponsor and Mentor for awhile now.  I first met him at a Mastermind Event in Cancun.  Tracey Walker, Brian Fanale, David Wood and Ray Higdon were a few of the leaders there.


I’ve been following them and achieving Success by following their Lead and advice.


Rob asks me to share his story here…..


Since 1996, Lisa and I have built five six-figure, even multiple six-figure business working part-time in our spare time online.

Today we enjoy massive success promoting a variety of programs:

  • $25,000+ per month promoting internet marketing
  • $25,000+ per month promoting a viral blogging system
  • 11,000+ active distributors in one MLM program
  • 8,600+ active distributors in yet another MLM program
  • Tens of thousands each month promoting affiliate deals

In fact, we use a simple 5-step system that has never failed to produce a result. Ever.

Did you catch that?


And when you decide to JOIN OUR TEAM before the end of this month, we will GIVE YOU access to a private team training site where you will discover exactly what we do… so you can do the same thing.


You Get Over $1,500 in Bonus Training and Tools


Over the years I have become very good at getting FREE traffic, leads and sales from the major search engines.

Very rarely do I ever use paid advertising methods.

It is not that paid advertising doesn’t work – it does – but you really need to “pay attention” to the metrics to pull it off and, quite frankly, that is way too much headache and hassle for me.

Currently we offer five or six “internet marketing” products for sale online that teach exactly what we do and how we do it.

When you JOIN OUR TEAM as an active rep before the end of this month, we will GIVE YOU access to a private team training site where you will get instant access to over $1,500 of our proven products. Including:


  • Posting on Purpose for Profit ($47) – Discover how to get INSTANT traffic, leads and sales today. (Learn More)
  • Predatory SEO ($297) – You get 10 hours of step-by-step video instructions to take any business to the next level. (Learn More)
  • Instant Authority Articles ($679) – You get 210 keyword researched, 500+ word unique articles we have used to make a fortune. (Learn More)
  • Instant Authority Kit ($477) – Set up your own training and free bootcamps to become the credible authority people are seeking. (Learn More)

Remember…Leaders Always Reveal Themselves


One of the things I’ve learned over the years of working with literally thousands of people… is the unfortunate reality MOST people simply are not willing to stretch even the tiniest bit beyond their comfort zone to pay the prices required for success.


Building a profitable business take time, energy and a “never quit” attitude.


Less than 5% of the people we have ever worked with have the desire and internal fortitude to make the incredible happen.


So when one of these RARE LEADERS join our team and produce a result – we come along side and do even more to help you create true time, financial freedom and wealth on the fast.


Sponsor JUST FOUR new customers or reps and we give you an incredible inside advantage so secret and so powerful I can’t mention it here.


Here is What You Do Next


The bonuses are only available to you if you join as a new rep, however if you are not interested in that – I highly encourage you to sign up as customer because the product is awesome.



We will see you come in through our back office and within 24-48 hours you will receive private password access to all our team training and bonuses.


Couple Quick Notes


Click Here to take a closer look at both the product and opportunity.


Also, when you join as a new Rep… we will SHOW YOU how to use this same site to make the same INCREDIBLE BONUS offer to your new prospects this month.


Next month we will be setting up a new offer (with a LOT LESS BONUSES) for sign up and we will release more bonuses as people produce results.


So RIGHT NOW – you can offer an incredible value to people to join your own team.


It is going to be fun. Make it happen.  Join Rob, I and other Leaders on this Venture!


Be Blessed,


— Joseph Skoda


GI Joe Marketer