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Don’t Wait to Travel

by skoda on November 21, 2015

Don’t Wait To Travel!


Have you dreamed of seeing the world ever since you were a little kid, but you’ve never really had the time or the money to do so? You can’t manage to take off work for a few weeks, and your children have a soccer game they just can’t miss because of where it falls in the season.

Every time you try and talk to your friends about vacation, all they ever suggest is the cabin in the woods a few miles from your town. Don’t Once a yearlet these situations keep you from traveling!¬†Consider a VIP-Vacation-Club Membership!

For every problem, there is a solution that you can work towards to make your dreams of seeing the world come true. So, let us tackle them one at a time.

Money – Quite a large problem for many people in the world today, saving money for a vacation is hard.

Especially when your destination lies on the other side of the world. But there are a few simple things you can do to start saving up now. First off, cut out fast food and your morning coffee from the coffee shop. By packing a lunch and making a cup of coffee to go at home, you can save around $15-$30 dollars a day depending on where you live and eat. That may not seem like much, but it’s around $450 dollars a month saved towards your vacation! Carpool whenever possible, and try and reduce the amount of times you eat out with the family, opting instead for a home cooked meal. You’ll have your money saved in no time.

Time Off – If your company doesn’t allow you to take vacation time, offer to cover extra shifts in advance to offset the days you might miss. By covering extra work load, you’ll show your boss that your vacation won’t hinder the company. You can also try and have someone else cover your shift for the days you won’t be able to make it, or trade them for a day you can be there.

Children – If your children really don’t feel like going to Rome with you and your partner, then leave them at home! A helpful relative or family friend can even stay at your home and make sure they get to that soccer game on time. Or better yet, try and plan your trip around children’s summer camp. By sending them on their own mini vacation, it gives you a stress free window to go on your own.

Avoiding The Local – Perhaps one of the harder things about choosing a destination, is picking one that isn’t your normal stomping ground. But by simply allowing yourself to step out of the box and refusing to go anywhere you have been before, you open up the world to your vacationing fingertips.

So why wait to start planning your dream vacation that allows you to travel all over the world before you retire? Following these few easy steps will have you on the other side of the planet in no time at all.  In Fact, consider a New Plan A and Travel Sooner and MORE Often!

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