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Don’t Rely on Your Boss to Reach Your Dreams

by skoda on August 16, 2011

Don’t Rely on Your Boss to Reach Your Dreams!


After all, he hired you so that he can reach his own Dreams.   Your Boss normally will only pay you enough to stay at your job, but nothing extra for you to enjoy your life.  In fact, most people live, drive certain vehicles and vacation depending on How Much their Boss pays them.  That sounds like an “Endangered Servant” Mentality.

We all need to start our own Journey in Life somewhere and nothing is wrong with earning a decent amount of pay for a decent amount of work put in.  When was the last time you earned pay that was equal to what you have put in?   Not even Realtors earn a decent living nowadays.  Think about it, a Realtor puts in weeks with a client showing houses or marketing for them and setting up financing.  If all goes well, they will earn their commission 6-10 months down the line.  If the deal does not go through (for whatever reason), no money is to be made.  What a scam it can be being a Realtor!  I know I use to be one….

With Numis, commissions are made each month on what you do and what your team does….period.  It’s the only Network Marketing Company ever that has the World Governments producing the products of Gold and Silver that you use to create wealth while building a huge organization.  Talk about Reaching Your Dreams and Goals!  There really is no other way that you can achieve immediate satisfaction.   Worst case scenario is that you’ll have a garage full of Gold and Silver.  It’s much better than vitamins or lotions I believe.

Let’s get Real.  Our employer, Our Government and usually Our Families won’t help us reach our Goals and Desires.  It’s up to us to make things happen.  Don’t rely on Your Boss.  Only rely on Yourself to get things done.  You don’t have to be in Tampa Bay, Florida to achieve success.  You can find it right at home with the right product, system and leadership.  Start your Pathway to SUCCESS NOW!

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