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Don’t Let the Economy Give You the Blues

by skoda on August 20, 2011

Is the Economy Giving you the Blues?


Unfortunately, most people feel that way.  But, WHY?  It’s not necessary to feel that way.  After all, it’s our Choice and Decision on how we react to things going on around us.  Simple Supply and Demand concepts should keep you out of trouble.  If (I mean Now) Gas prices are going up, then buy Oil Stocks… Right?  That way you’ll make money as prices go up.  It’s the same concept with Gold and Silver.  As we know, our Paper Currency is losing more value day after day.  Money News explains that the value of Gold Recently set a new record.  Don’t be saddened by it.   Get excited!

I understand that the economy still gives people the Blues because they don’t own Stock in Oil or Gold and Silver.  Well, I’m here to tell you that it is not too late to capitalize on our situation TODAY and automatically invest each and every month for the price of a daily Starbuck’s Coffee.

Believe me when I remind you that MORE Millionaires will be made during this current recession than ever before.  When there is a need someone needs to fill it.  Well someone has found the need to make Gold and Silver affordable for the common man (and woman).  If you want to create your Own REAL Wealth, the Take Action NOW.   Stocks go up and down, food prices go up and down and for the Long-Term Precious Metals such as Gold and Silver will continue to appreciate.

Who are you going to blame when those around you are increasing their own Net Worth, but you decided that the Government or even your J O B will take care of you.  It’s time for a Reality Check.  Even China is going to stop lending us more money.  The United States has lost it’s most favorable Credit status.  We’ve become a liability for other countries to invest in.  Sad but True!

Get the Blues and then Get Over It.  No more Handouts and many people are only one or two paychecks from losing their homes.  Create TRUE WEALTH Today.  Join the 10% who Will have a Legacy to pass on….

  • Anonymous

    Awesome Post!

    • Thanks. We are working it for sure. You are definetely the man of content yourself…

    • Joseph Skoda

      You said it Garry…. We have a lot to be thankful for!

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