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Does Versativa and Network Marketing Work Well Together?

by skoda on October 17, 2011

Versativa and Network Marketing


ForeverGreen started in 2003 and is now a leading network marketing company. To date, it is doing business in over 10 countries worldwide, supplying products they produce right at their very own factories. A division of ForeverGreen is Versativa. The products of Versativa contain Hemp as one of the main ingredient. This plant, although banned in the United States, has been proven to have multiple benefits from being used for manufacturing clothing, paper, and sails to being raw materials for houses and cars. Pulse, a product of Versativa, claims to have properties that will rejuvenate the body and make your biological age younger. Hemphoria, another Versativa product, is a whole hemp seed concentrate whose mixture is inspired by peace and happiness.  In other words, Versativa Hemp can almost be called the next “Superfood.”

Joining the Versativa marketing network offers an opportunity to earn income while enjoying the convenience of controlling your time.  In fact, it may be the only (Legal) Hemp Opportunity available for networkers.  There is no need to go to an office everyday to fulfil an 8-hour workday when you can sell Versativa products right at your very own doorstep. This means that you have more opportunities to experience quality moments with your family and loved ones.

You must face the obstacles that come with Versativa Products.  There is a big Stigma in society about the use of Hemp in any form.  Equally important would be the difficulty in Marketing that most people experience in any MLM or Network Marketing Company.  Frankly, the leadership fails to provide sound training in developing leads and customers to use for the business.  I have had great success using Social Media for my Lead Generation.  Use an Automated Social Media System to build a quick downline.

The compensation scheme of Versativa is composed of several intermediate levels. There are income opportunities at each level and as you progress in marketing Versativa products, higher compensation is expected.

The speed of your advancement depends on your effort in selling Versativa products. The more you pursue sales, the more money you can earn. Versativa is offering a chance for people to improve their health through revitalizing the body cells. Hence, identifying your target market for Versativa products is not a problem since health is of prime importance to anyone whatever their age, gender, or nationality may be. Your target market actually grows larger everyday! Plus, you would not have a hard time convincing people to try and buy Versativa products since these are among the best in the wellness industry. This is a business opportunity that you should not miss. Invest in a home-based Versativa business now.

The strength of any marketing network, like Versativa, lies in the enthusiasm of its home based associates and the downlines. Versativa knows this and will train and guide you as you start selling Versativa products. Aside from trainings, you will be given Versativa manuals and promotional materials that you can use to better explain the benefits of Versativa products to potential consumers. Versativa is committed to helping you achieve top of the chart results faster. The person who joins Versativa after you, automatically becomes a leg in your organization, which means that you only have to recruit one more to complete the required two persons in your Versativa downline. This is another of Versativa’s way of aiding their associates.

Versativa assures substantial earnings with only minimal risks. The company is very confident in their Versativa products and they are going to give back your money in full in case you are not satisfied with them. So join the Versativa company now and be on your way to financial freedom.   But, make sure that you have the right Marketing system in place.  Using Social Media Automation can really help build this business to new heights.  This will be the key to your Success or Failure in this Business.


  • Interesting Company and product indeed. I am a person that knows the value of eating right and truly, you are what you eat. There is great potential, as you said, once people get over the main ingredient.

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