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Do What You want to During Retirement

by skoda on June 26, 2011

Most of us dream about reaching retirement.  Maybe we could travel, pay off our homes and enjoy the children or grandchildren more.  Unfortunately, the retirement age keeps going up and up.  It doesn’t seem to matter because less and less people seem to be unable to retire anyways.

We were not put on this earth to be overstressed.  We are suppose to enjoy all that God has provided for us.  I enjoy the beach myself….ever since I learned to SCUBA Dive  knew I had to live near the ocean.
Maybe you made some bad decisions in your life and are struggling to find a way out.  All I know is that we all have STUFF or JUNK in our lives and it often brings us down.  Get Over it!   My Life is far from perfect. So I made changes. So What! Life is short.  Learn to enjoy your life and your Retirement YOUR Way!!!!  You’ve earned it.   Now go make it happen…. Live the Lifestyle that you wish too.

  • Well put Skoda 🙂 Theirs so much to see in life..And i know one things for sure brother,I definitely want to see what life has to offer.

    • Anonymous

      You are da Man David.   There is still so  much to see and enjoy.  Let’s do it while we’re still young….Not in a Walker if possible!

  • Alecia

    Yes, we all want to stay active in what we love to do. Create it now. Thanks for your inspiration.

    • Anonymous

      You definetely said it Alecia.  We need to stay active in what we love to do….

  • Joe

    Who doesn’t want to retire comfortably? With the tools of this site you can make it happen!!!!

    • Anonymous

      You know it Joe.   Everything you ever wanted to know about having a decent retirement is found in the valuable content I post regularly…  Have an awesome Day!

  • You got it Joseph. Life is too short but it is wide 😉

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