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Dentists Prefer the Numis Network

by skoda on October 31, 2011

Two out of Two Dentists Prefer the Numis Network


I recently attended the latest Numis University at Paris Hotel and Casino in Las Vegas.  Over 250 networkers showed up for this event.  The weekend was filled with charasmatic speakers as Ray Higdon, David Wood, Erwin Mcken, Diane Hochman, Dave Lovett  and Burke Hedges.  Training was at the forefront of this event with many surprise announcements made throughout.  Most importantly the opening of Numis in the United Kingdom on November 1, 2011.  It’s going to be an exciting week.

I was fortunate to get the take of the Numis experience from two leaders in the Business who happen to also be Dentists in their regular professions.


Dr. Dan Cook discusses the benefits of having a Numis Business and what it has been able to do for him.

Dr. Dick Salsbury talks about his own struggles in building a business and discusses why everyone needs to take a look at the Numis Opportunity.  It’s important to take care of our families in the long run…

These two dentists (and Military Veterans) have lots of experience in their professions and still are convinced of the Value of becoming a part of the Numis Family.  It’s important to notice that lots of successful people join Numis.  Even others who have made millions in other Business Ventures.

Dave Lovett is one such example who came out of retirement to help others achieve their dreams with Numis.    He’s already made millions in Network Marketing and has been retired since the mid eightees.


But after all, everyone collects something why not collect money?

Professionals from around the world are getting involved each and every day.  Leave a legacy for your children….

Dr. Dan Cook and Dr. Dick Salsbury get it.



  • So many professionals are seeing the value of network marketing and Numis seems to attract those professionals. Thanks for sharing!

    • You said it Amber.  People like us need to invite as many Professionals we know to this Opportunity!

  • Its amazing how many professionals i.e. doctors, dentists, lawyers and such are interested in this opportunity.  It should send a clear message on how valuable it truly is.

  • Anonymous

    Hi Joseph, very cool article. I tend to agree with the opinion of the others below. When you can find something that has appeal in the professional markets, you know you’ve hit something big (especially in THIS economy). Good on ya!

    • There is STILL Value in this economy if you are looking in the right place.  Thanks Cat….


    Excellent Interviews Joseph! Great job – you have two successful Doctors here who gave some great testimonials!

    • You said it Silver ….  These are two Professionals that can’t afford to retire, yet!

  • You just gotta trust a Dentist!!
    Excellent review.

    • That’s Right Mike.  If we can’t Trust a Dentist, who can we Trust?

  • Sounds like they know how to get strong teeth! lol 
    Thanks for sharing their outlook.  

    • They sure do Alecia….  It’s interesting to watch professionals jump in to ensure that they have something to fall back on before Retiring….

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