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Decade of Retirement

My First Decade of Retirement




I’ve had lots of Challenges these past ten years.  But, I believe that I was being Groomed for something Much Better for my Life.  Can You Relate?  We often have to go through struggles and even be Broken (per se) so that we can become Stronger in all aspects of our Lives as we go through our Difficult times!

What are Your Challenges?


I assure you that there is Light at the End of the Tunnel.  Put God First and Start Serving Others.  The rewards are great.  Look for a Mentor and continuously work on Self-Development!


What can Your Retirement Look Like?


We sometimes believe that we are finished learning new things and are able to really start a life after retirement.  This just simply isn’t true.  We can start other careers and become Mentors to so many.  It’s important that we continue stretching our minds.  The “Use it or Lose it” adage is real.  But the only way we can actually make a difference, is by associating with people that we want to be like.  Those that make the time to develop new skills.  I’ve learned the Art of Public Speaking and Leadership during my Retirement as I joined a “Toastmasters Club” in my local area.   This has been a “Game Changer” for Building Self-Confidence.


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Whatever you do, Take time for Yourself to reflect and relax.  You’ll be better off for it.  I tend to vacation more.  Sometimes I’ll just go away for 2 or 3 days just to reenergize.  You don’t have to go far away to get away.  But, make the effort to.  Maybe even consider joining a Vacation Club that can help you do this on a regular basis.  I belong to a VIP Vacation Club that has offered me many experiences I didn’t know were available to me.  Consider checking it out….


So, here it is.   Learn new skills, Serve Others, Vacation More and put God into your Life!  It’s a simple formula that can make your retirement more rewarding.


What will your First Decade of Retirement Look Like?



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