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Dave Lovett Comes Out of Retirement and Talks Old School Network Marketing

by skoda on March 1, 2012

Dave Lovett comes out of Retirement to help others become Financially Free


I recently talked with Dave Lovett about why he decided to get involved again with Network Marketing.  He has been retired and earning a Residual Income from Network Marketing since the 80’s.  Even though he owns his own life and calls his own shots, he wanted to help more people out during these trying economic times….



Dave Lovett shows us really how easy Network Marketing can be.  He suggests going back to an “Old School” Mentality while building your business.  Even though we are in the 21st Century, the people connection still has to be made to speed up success.  He has decided to get Involved with the Numis Network over all other options he has.  He mentions the strong leadership at Numis and the opportunity for others to have an edge against inflation because of their own involvement with Numis as some of the reasons.

In fact we all collect something, why not collect money?

Dave Lovett is one of several Entrepreneurs who have come out of Retirement to get involved with Numis.  Collecting Gold and Silver Coins just make sense.  Find out why so many have chosen not to sit on the sidelines anymore, but to get involved to help us dig ourselves out of our own Financial Issues.

Learn more about the Numis Opportunity Here.


  • Carol

    Good interview, can’t be more right on about the PEOPLE connection in business. Too many businesses are forgetting that now days

    • You are so right Carol.  More and More Professionals are coming out of retirement to ensure that we use Proven  “Old School” People Connecting Efforts to reach out to help more and more people! 

  • Mark

    A very useful experience shared by 
    Dave Lovett in this interview. Just giving us an idea that even if you physically cannot do work like before, but mentally you can earn more money than before. The tool of Network Marketing has been a source of income for thousands of people, and it is gaining it’s popularity, and I respect the view of Lovett which we shared with us..

  • Lynda

    A grateful thanks and a warm regards of respect and courtesy to Dave Lovett for sharing experience with us, and giving a hope of glance that if a person gets into something deeply he can do it in anyway. “When there is a will, there is a way” – This quote exactly matches this scenario, as Lovett not only involves himself into the earning scheme of Network Marketing but gives some golden and extravagant tips for us to improve and help from over coming the debt of financial burden nowadays.. 
    Thanks a lot for sharing this 🙂

  • Jimmy

    Joseph – You really rock man!! And this is definitely my favorite post from all of your articles, and not to forget thanks to Dave for sharing your thoughts buddy..
    You guys really an inspiration for us, just a will to do something and you do it, way to go buddy.
    Indeed, I am very interested in your views of Network Marketing – This thing has surely got some complexity in it, but still I am getting more deeper into it.

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