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Create Unique Content to Add Interest

by skoda on September 14, 2011

Creating unique content is among the most effective ways towards achieving online success.

As you should know by now, online competition is tough. And it will only get tougher in the coming months and years. With that said, writing the Best Article unique content is your ticket in differentiating yourself from the crowd. If you insist on creating content that is too similar with what everybody else is creating, then you will have no way of keeping ahead of the competition. When this happens, the growth of your business will be stunted like all the rest of the competition. Therefore, writing unique content is one thing you should take very seriously. Unique content not only provides value to readers, it also gives you an edge over your competitors.

Writing unique content is not easy but it’s not difficult either. If you know where to get inspiration and ideas for new content, the process gets much easier. Even if your site belongs to a specific niche wherein you need to regularly write unique content that always follow the same theme, there is no shortage of post ideas as long as you know where to find such ideas. There’s a plethora of tools and resources online that you can use as unique content idea generators. These include search engines, social media sites, article directories, forums, and blogs. Just because a thousand articles have been written around a single story doesn’t mean you can’t write unique content about it. The trick that most online writers use is that they find a part of the story (a name, a place, an idea), and then create a standalone article about it. You can use this trick as well to write your own unique content.


Here are some very practical tips on how you can come up with really unique content:

1. Use Google to find ideas. This is especially effective if you are writing for a niche website or blog. Just grab a couple of your website’s main keywords then search for the most recent articles about it on Google. Find the most relevant articles. Get their main ideas and points. Then write your own unique content based on said points and ideas.

2. Take advantage of Private Label Rights articles and use them to write unique content. This can be very tricky since you are buying the same articles that are probably being sold to countless others. The secret here therefore lies in how good you are in rewriting the articles and turning them into unique content. The good thing about using PLR articles is that you can purchase a bunch of articles on the same topic for a very cheap price. That said, you can create a bunch of unique content from it as well.

3. Use voice recognition software. There are some types of software you can use to convert your voice into text. All you have to do is talk and the software will write the text for you. This is a great way to write unique content in a fast and easy way. Of course, you still have to go over the text several times to edit it and make it readable.

Make use of these practical tips on how to create unique content as often as you can.  Remember the Best Way to Create Articles for Maximum Effect.

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  • The voice software is a great tip! Dragon Naturally Speaking is a great choice!

    • For sure, why not go ahead and put it into a video while you are at it? 

  • A man’s best friend – Google – great place for content. Thanks Jospeh

  • Neil Bednar

    Thanks Joseph, I have got check into that software for sure…. I’m a two-fingered-typo-ist at best. lol

    • lol Neil.  You should try a typing or piano class!  Finding more ways to become more efficient may inspire you in new ways too! 

  • And content that will be around… not a fad either.  Great tips. 

  • Great Tips for finding content Joseph Thanks for sharing

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