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Create More Wealth and Less Debt

by skoda on January 4, 2012

Collect Assets Instead of Debt




Make this Year Different.  Learn how to make the Best Financial Decisions and Take the Best Tax Advantages.


On December 26, 2011, one day following Christmas, another major shot in the global currency wars was heard around the world.


In a strategic attempt to reduce their dependency on the US dollar, China and Japan announced a direct trade agreement between both nations effectively downsizing the dollar’s future role and demand.  Throughout history the most common bases for monetary systems have been gold and silver.  Only in the latter part of the 20th century did this seize to be true as fiat currencies emerged and the greatest “adventure in currency creation” was launched.  Today’s fiat currency cycle was unleashed on a global scale in 1971, with a total separation from the gold standard’s final Bretton Wood ties.  Merely four decades later, the globe has accumulated hundreds of trillions in debt as central banks have stormed the globe with blizzards of paper.  Central bank policies such as quantitative easing, sterilization of inflows, currency swaps, reserve ratios, and open market operations have and continue to be agents of this exponential currency creation.

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As we can see, the Value of most paper currency has lost value and WILL continue to do so.  Start Collecting Assets to have an edge ahead of inflation.  Prepare your OWN Legacy Today…


Throughout the history of civilizaions an epic battle has always been waged. It is an unseen battle, unknown by most of the people it affects. Yet, all feel the effects of this battle in their daily lives”

 – Mike Maloney


                  Be Prepared!                                                                                           

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