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Collect Numismatic Coins and Earn Money

by skoda on June 20, 2012

Numis Network: Collect Numismatic Coins and Earn Money

            There is an art that is called Numismatics. Technically speaking, Numismatics is the study or the collection of currency; that includes paper money, tokens, coins, and other object acceptable as legal tender. But in today’s context, thanks to Numis Network, Numismatics has been widely known to be the art of collecting coins, specifically gold and silver coins.


Collecting numismatic coins with numis network not only gives collectors fun and enjoyment, but provides for an investment opportunity as well. As a precious metal in the form of gold and silver coin bullion, a numismatic coin, in itself, has an intrinsic value that will be preserved as time goes by. Intrinsic values of gold and silver will like not lose their footing; on the contrary it will increase in value through time. That intrinsic value is the one sought after by buyers and collectors alike. Why? Primarily because precious metals, such as gold and silver, are a form of hedge investment that can protect wealth during times of inflation crisis. And with the current price boom in the gold market, there is no wonder why collecting numismatic coins with numis is a hit.


The Numis Network


The gathering together of some of the world’s most discerning numismatic coin collectors has been made possible by Numis Network. So what is Numis? Well, Numis Network is the company that pioneered selling and trading of graded gold and silver collectible coins. The selling of coins is through network marketing, or more appropriately known as multi-level marketing – a business scheme where a network is created by inviting in more members to join, maximizing earnings in turn. The idea first came into mind to three successful and well-respected businessmen in the name of Ian Cordell, Chris Kent, and Jake Kevorkian.


Numis Network specializes in coins with modern mintage (manufactured starting 1985 up to the present). Numismatic coins are valued based on their metal purity, rarity, condition, and collector demand. The grading scale used in assessing the coins is the Sheldon scale; where the highest of quality is graded MS70 and lowest is given MS1.


An extensive collection of high-grade collectible coins can be found in Numis Network. The most popular coin in their collection, and is their primary product, is the MS70 Silver American Eagle. Currently, this MS70 coin is priced at $125 apiece, while the next grade to it, the MS69, is priced at only $30 (such a big price difference quality can bring). Among the numismatic coins under its collection are: gold American eagle of various mintages, rare and vintage coins, commemorative coins, as well as various high-grade coins from other notable countries.


Advantages of Collecting Numismatic Coins with Numis


As the world’s leading trader of numismatic coins, Numis Network offers certain advantages for its members:


  • Safe way of earning – MLM or network marketing has hugely created a negative vibe to business-oriented people since most of the businesses that have adopted this style turned out to be scams. Numis Network is trying to change that perception by keeping its reputation intact. This is done by solely providing nothing less of high-grade numismatic coins.


  • Competitive prices – Members are privy to competitive pricing. Member can collect all the coins they want, and earn while doing it, for low prices but with a guaranteed quality.


  • Silver Premier Club – This is one of the most popular services of Numis Network. Joining this club entitle a member to receive an expertly selected silver coin monthly.


  • Personalized Website – Members of Numis are given personal website, intended to be a member’s online business center. Using this, shopping online for MS70 numismatic coins is simple and easy. They can also receive important announcement, news, and regular updates via this site.


  • Appreciation of Coin Art – More than anything else, Numis Network is created to appreciate the beauty in every numismatic coin. By accumulating an extensive catalog of coins, member collectors are sure to find the coin they long to put in their collection.


Numis Network did not only create a place for avid coin collectors to meet, but also an avenue to make a decent living out of a noble passion. Numis created a huge growth in the industry of numismatic coin collecting. Currently, USA’s numismatic industry is at $20 billion mark, and Numis has contributed largely to that. With Numis, collecting coins has never been this rewarding.

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