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Coastal Talent Agency

by skoda on July 1, 2013

Coastal Talent Agency Takes it to the Next Level


When we think of talent, we often think about sports stars as LeBron James, Peyton Manning and Serena Williams.  More often we think about our favorite celebrities on TV or the movies as Bruce Willis, Adam Sandler and Tom Cruise.  Most of these people were unknown a few years ago, but have found a coach and mentor to help them hone their skills in their Profession.

Coastal Talent Agency Coastal Talent Agency


We have a Coach and Mentor to help anyone with an ounce of determination to make a name for themselves in the entertainment industry on California’s Central Coast just a few hours between the hustle and bustle of Los Angeles and San Francisco.  I am talking about Coastal Talent Agency founded by Melanie and Marc Keenan.

Marc and Melanie had a successful agency (The Keenan Agency) while living on the East Coast and recently have brought their talents to the West Coast at the urging of friends.


Lights, camera, action is what I heard the first time I met this extraordinary family.  Somehow, I was coerced into trying out for the Christmas Play (Looking for Christmas) at my Church.  I had no experience and was always nervous about getting in front of crowds…especially on stage.  But, the Director had faith in my abilities and encouraged me stick with it.  I think that my talent or at least my confidence grew as the months went by while rehearsing.  Every week we had different talent take their places to strut their stuff and merge into the play.  One day the drama club took center stage and wowed all of us immediately.  Song, dance and monologues were spot on and frankly I was a bit intimidated because this was all new to me.

It was the Keenan’s’ who led the Drama Team.  Not only did their children perform, but Marc and Melanie joined in to complete this powerhouse team.  As we practiced our performance each week, I spent a lot of time with the Keenan Family and found that we had lots in common.  We moved here from South Carolina not long ago, Marc and Melanie are Army Veterans (I, of course am an Air Force Veteran) and most importantly we are strong believers in Christ.  Though I strongly believe that the Air Force is the BEST Military Service available (my son would agree), I miss the old Army Adage:  “Be all that You can Be.”  We all should follow that advice and continue to stretch our beliefs to accomplish more and more of our goals and dreams over time.

It was this strong belief that has brought more and more “hopeful” talent to their agency.  Many of us played a part in a Children’s School Special about the effects of Bullying with “The Dead Kid.”  Recently they have been able to send people on jobs all over California and have openings into other areas of the country coming available all of the time.

Though Marc and Melanie are constantly on the road taking their children and others to auditions, they make the time to properly train others to ensure that they have the abilities needed to compete with other talent.  Their agency reaches out to the community while they provide acting, modeling, singing, dancing, as well as musical instrument training to everyone and anyone interested through their network of professionals in the area.

As they opened up their newest studio in Grover Beach, they have put together a Special Team on their Staff with tons of talent in their own rights to help you achieve what you Desire to.  Let them help You!

Though I may never be the next “Tom Cruise,” many of the talent coming from the Coastal Talent Agency WILL become well-known in the years to come.  I did; however, feel like a Star during my Three Performances I made as the Lead last Christmas Season and I have the Keenans and other Christians to thank for it. Make an effort to attend one of their “Open Houses” and “Talent Shows.”  It is well worth the time getting to know this extraordinary family.  They spend one on one time with everyone to strengthen one’s talents and confidence in all pertinent areas of life.


== >  Click here to learn more about how the Coastal Talent Agency can be YOUR Coach and Mentor on Your way to Greater Successes in Life.  Let Coastal Talent Agency help you make it to the Next level  … regardless of what endeavour you are in.


Tell them that GI Joe Marketer sent you…..   *AIM HIGH*


====>  Lights, Camera, Action!





  • David

    I’m on the run, yet I concur wholeheartedly with Joe’s assessments!

    • Joseph Skoda

      Hi David. Slow down and enjoy the Talent on the Central Coast. We have lots to be thankful for. Thanks again!

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