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Choosing a Great Network Marketing System

by skoda on January 2, 2012

Tools Are Not a Network Marketing System

Each day tons of folks invest their money to join a network marketing opportunity with the expectation of making some additional revenue working just a few hours every week from home. Sadly by the end of roughly three months in business 3 quarters of these people will give up, quite often worse off than they started.

It’s a tragic, but true story. But it doesn’t have to be that way.

Because the difference between enjoying incredible success or suffering a crippling failure is often due to nothing more than using a simple network marketing system designed to do most, if not all, of the heavy lifting for you and your team.

In fact, A Tool and a System aren’t the same
Many new network marketing pros confuse a system with a tool and it can be a dear mistake, because tools don’t make a system. The reality is a system can comprise of tools. A useful network marketing system will take advantage of a number of tools, but one tool by itself can only be worthless unless it can be amalgamated into an effective system and becom part of a sequence of processes built to achieve a particular result.

As an example, your company could hand out DVDs that contain an overwhelming display that may in itself generate interest in your product or opportunity. But if you would like to give these out and not do anything else, they’d be just about worthless as the idea is not only to give away free DVDs but to collect info from folks who have seen these DVDs and got involved in your products and opportunity, and who would like to learn more.

The most important earnings produced in your company could offer the most awesome webinar as a sponsoring tool. But who is going to watch it if you do not have a system in place for telling people about it, and providing a way for those interested to register and thereby leave their contact information so that you can follow up.

Here’s a Complete Marketing System

A system is a sequence of processes engineered to produce a specific result.

A good network marketing system, then, might be a total A-Z process for lead generation using organic search site methods composed from these steps:

A target market must be identified by utilizing categorical tools to research that market, and those folks should have a wish for your service or opportunity. As an example, “retired salespeople”.

The precise words, phrases and expressions used within a selected niche must be analyzed using key phrase research tools. For instance “network marketing opportunities”.

Use tools to determine how many net pages, blog articles, articles or advertisements are competing for the specified keyword phrases and select the least competitive, best-chance results.

Articles should then be written addressing people’s Problems, with their solutions, either by you or by an outsourced writer.

Articles should be submitted to article directory websites or submitted to services that will distribute the articles to many article directories at once .

Article marketing should be performed by utilizing pings, social bookmarking tools or by securing high PR backlinks.

Notice the complete “network marketing system” is a series of processes built to produce a particular result.

In this situation, to get a new web page to rate high up on the search sites for keywords employed by your target audience. This will end in a wave of very targeted traffic to your web site…

Where you could have one more series of proved processes designed to catch the interest of your new potential prospect and compel them to opt-in to get more information.

Turnkey Network Marketing System

Instead of laying out money on individual tools, one of the best methods to take your business quickly to a higher level is to utilize an absolutely integrated network marketing system that has been proven to produce the required result. Do not spend money on more tools if they do not total up to an effective system. This is why My Lead System Pro (MLSP) is the the system suggested most. ¬†For immediate help in YOUR Business, consider MLSP’s Article Marketing Webinar.


Get a system that has ALL the Tools you need to develop immediate success.


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