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Chews-4-Health – Is the Company for Real?

by skoda on February 28, 2012

Chews-4-Health – Is it for Real?

Chews-4-Health is a relatively new company that sells products while at the same time providing their members with different earning opportunities. One of the thriving MLM businesses today, Chews-4-Health is not only known for their steadily growing stake but also for their quality product.

The Chews-4-Health company was founded by Dr. David Friedman who graduated from Harvard Medical School. He is actually a well known nutritionist and lecturer but is also one of the top marketers today. Combining both his talent with health endeavors and network marketing, Friedman managed to build a team of more than 800,000 individuals.

What does Chews-4-Health sell?

 Chews-4-Health is a chewable supplement for adults. Notice how most supplements today either come in the form of liquid or pills? Dr. Friedman recognized this opening the market and proceed to create a well-rounded supplement that adults can pop in their mouth and proceed to chew like a well-tasting candy. The Chews-4-Health is basically a combination of 16 ingredients, all of which are naturally capable of boosting the immune system and creating a healthier individual. Since all the items included in the Chews-4-Health product are 100% natural, users wouldn’t have to worry about any side effects while ensuring that they live their daily lives a little bit healthier every day.

Of course, Chews-4-Health chewable tablets are not the only items sold under this brand. The company also sells a weight loss supplement for individuals who want to shed pounds the healthy way. The product name is Trimulean and its main role is to suppress the appetite. Like the main Chews-4-Health product, Trimulean is created from all-natural ingredients and is once again chewable.  It also speeds up the metabolism while providing individuals with the amount of energy they need to still function splendidly throughout the day.


How to Earn with Chews-4-Health

 The compensation plan for Chews-4-Health is very easy to understand and presents members with different methods to start earning. Obviously, the first one is through direct buying and selling. Individuals simply purchase the Chews-4-Health product and start selling it at retail price. This is the most basic and perhaps the easiest part of the business.

Enrolling new distributors at Chews-4-Health would start a “downline” as the member starting earning a “Fast Start Bonus”. This is usually paid weekly and allows the member to start earning through their downline while at the same time selling products themselves. Should the Chews-4-Health binary legs start earning income, then the primary member would start earning as much as 4% or more with the activity without doing anything at all. A matching bonus is available should these binary legs reach a specific volume of their sales. And lastly, a car bonus program is also available, but that’s usually for those that are already well-advanced in the Chews-4-Health business.


Chews-4-Health Conclusion

 So is Chews-4-Health worth it?  The compensation part of this business is not the only thing the company has going for it. The fact is that all the products they have in the market actually provide users with the exact results they want. Hence, there’s no scam here. Chews-4-Health is a legitimate business that not only offers income opportunities but delivers quality goods as well.

As we’ve discovered, they have a decent compensation plan.  But, they still have trouble with duplication efforts of its distributors.  Most run out of leads after talking to their Warm Market which contains mostly friends and family.  GI Joe Marketer recommends using My Lead System Pro for the Network Marketing Company and MOST others.  My Lead System Pro (MLSP) teaches Specific Branding Techniques and Skills that can help every Marketer find their niche in the marketplace.

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