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Central Coast Ladies Discuss Benefits of Numis

by skoda on September 3, 2011

I recently met up with some ladies from the California’s Central Coast to do some facebook training.  The training was fun and informative and then we got into why we needed the extra training.  We developed Fan Pages so that we can share the Benefits of Numis with everyone.

Jo Salsbury Branca and Joyce Baldwin-Warner joined me here for this quick video on Numis and why were are all glad to be a part of it.


Numis can help all of us get out of Debt and to Finally start Building our own wealth. JOIN Us Today…..

  • Ljbmomm

    Thanks for making it easy to see the benefits of Numis!!

    • Joseph Skoda

      Numis is loaded with Benefits.   It’s time that we all look at how Precious it is to Collect Valuable Assets.

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