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Brian Cole Reaches New MLSP Leadership Level

by skoda on October 22, 2012

Brian Cole has sponsored over 400 networkers into My Lead System Pro (MLSP).  He joined the company just over a year ago and today earns a great income and he is ONLY 23 years old.  He recently moved up the Ranks with MLSP to Leadership Level L4 at MLSP’s Live the Dream Event.  I first met Brian Cole several months ago at No Excuses III Live Event in Las Vegas.  In fact, most of the speakers and Top Leaders at the event are also members of MLSP.

My first night at that event I caught up with the co-founders of My Lead System Pro.  Brian Fanale, Norbert Orlewicz and Tod Schlomer were there with No Excuses Founders, Ray and Ferny.  I was welcomed by Robert Tepper and we met with the leaders together.  Just over a year ago, Rob and I met at My Lead System Pro’s First-Ever Mastermind Retreat Event in Cancun, Mexico.

In addition to the MLSP founders, many other leaders were there to ensure that we had the latest and best Network Training available.  David Wood, Adam Chandler, Ray Higdon, Tracey Walker, Rob Fore and Jessica Higdon joined in the festivities.  Cancun was an excellent place to Mastermind and to really get to know the leaders in the industry.


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It should be obvious why leaders like Brian Cole, Rob Tepper, Jessica Singer, Jason Syberg, Eric Goldman, Curvin Martin and others have a better direction in their businesses now.   MLSP is all about Pure-Value!  They help all networkers make money with their Unique Sales Funnel.  They ensure that No Money is left on the table even if your new prospect doesn’t sign up in your business right away.

I did a quick interview with Brian Cole at “No Excuses” where he talked a little about his previous profession as a minimum wage earner working at McDonalds in Ohio the “Buckeye” State.  We are both from Ohio and when I heard of his coaching program I immediately looked him up.  We both have Rob Fore as our coach and mentor.  Rob has shared many tricks of the trade in SEO techniques and blogging for profit.  Brian Cole also has become an expert at Pay Per Click marketing which has helped him to grow a huge list fast.

Brian is proof that age and circumstance is Not a factor in building a successful business.  He is a recent L4 Leader with MLSP and it is obvious that he will soon move up the ranks to MLSP Executive Mastermind Team (EMT).

MLSP brings the finest leaders and training all-together in one place to benefit the whole MLM Industry ensuring that anyone with a Strong Desire and Work Ethic can earn an honest living.

Leaders like Brian Cole and others recommend it! 


  • Godwin Okoduwa

    Great guy. Brian cole is someone that gives pure value. If he could make , then any one can. thanks for sharing.

  • Alecia Stringer

    How exciting to see Success Dreams! Thanks for sharing!

    • I totally agree with you Alecia. I love to see people put the blinders on to get done what needs to get done. Brian is an inspiration!

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