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Blogging is more than just writing down a few personal thoughts for a handful of people to read — it’s about making money as a blogger

by skoda on December 18, 2013

Making Money as a Blogger Starts with Real Work


If you are going to start making money as a blogger, you need to actually work and that means blog. Bloggers that make money blog on a frequent, if not daily, basis. If you only plan on updating your blog once a month or every few weeks, then you will not make as much money as the guy on the site competing with yours who blogs daily. It’s as simple as that.


Making Money as a Blogger is About Giving the People Something to Read


Any article you write to advertise your site should be entertaining to the reader. Try to write in a friendly, informal style. Even if the topic is very technical, taking the edge off can be done by using layman’s terms to get the information across. Don’t bore your readers — they will go away.

Even though you are blogging daily, making money as a blogger doesn’t stop with just throwing in a post here and there. Instead, you need to give the people (i.e. your readership base) something to actually read and learn from. People visit blogs for knowledge and entertainment. Therefore, your blog needs to either provide entertainment or give them something to learn and utilize in real life. Furthermore, it needs to be fun to read. Though you are making money as a blogger and it is your job, you don’t need to make it sound as though you are cramped in a cubicle being forced to write. Be fun, be engaging, be creative and most importantly, be yourself all while providing real substance for your readers.

Making Money as a Blogger with Exterior Tools


Having people read your blog is not enough. You will need to implement exterior tools into your blog in order to actually make a living. Some common methods bloggers use to make money include:

Keep your content current and make sure that older content is timeless. While things change all the time, try adding an updated link to old articles. If visitors find old articles first with outdated information, they can find the current version easily through your implemented link. Take advantage of having options on your site that allow readers to organize articles by most recent and by related content.

    • Using Pay-Per-Click advertisements on their blog
    • Using affiliate marketing products

A great affiliate marketing tip is to make sure you’re getting the most out of your referrals. Ideally, you should aim for twenty percent of the profits of any product sold. If you’re offered less than that, you should hold off and wait for a better paying commission.

  • Creating a members-only or paid readership base

Pay-Per-Click and affiliate marketing are two common tools used by those making money as a blogger. Since each will pay you a commission for what is sold or clicked on at your site, you instantly earn cash without having to physically sell the reader on anything. A paid members only site, on the other hand, does require you to sell the readers on one thing: you. The readers have to want to be so involved with your site that they are willing to pay to read it. Therefore, you will want to not only establish yourself as an authority, but establish yourself as the “it” blog to read. When readers are enticed and almost desperate to read more, they will pay you a membership to keep reading.

Create a checklist of at least five article directories that rank high in popular search engines. This will help you avoid the added cost of doing it yourself. It saves you time and money after you have taken the time to create the initial checklist that you can use.

Some of the most successful blogs to date still updated daily or at least once per week and are often pulling in income from advertising, membership fees and more. Making money as a blogger is possible, but it requires you to blog with purpose, passion and a little outside help.


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