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Best of WorldVentures and Numis Merger

by skoda on July 22, 2013

Numis Announces Merger with WorldVentures


Starting in 2005, WorldVentures is an organization that is based on the idea of bringing fun and livelihood back to the workplace.  With many people becoming frustrated balancing their work and personal life, WorldVentures was pioneered so that people could finally work in an atmosphere where they not only enjoyed making a living, but actually had a passion for it.  This is extremely important in an increasingly technological society where work takes precedence over our personal lives.  Remembering to have fun in life is often tasking when we know that we also have to put food on the table.

To be more specific, WorldVentures offers its independent representatives a way to not only earn income, but also earn bonus travel experiences.  With this system, the employee has a higher level of satisfaction because they are able to take that vacation, de-stress and also enjoy the fruits of their labor.  WorldVentures has Independent Representatives in twenty three countries around the world, making its services extremely popular and profitable.  In addition to making the workplace more enjoyable for employees, WorldVentures also has developed VolunTourism, which is a way for vacations to fund philanthropic efforts.

In recent news, WorldVentures has merged with Numis, a company that is dedicated to helping people by building a collection of monthly silver assets.  Through the Numis program, people now have the opportunity to get free silver every month, as well as a way to earn money and free vacations by promoting the Numis mission.  Basically, this program gives away free silver to those who are willing to help promote the company mission of receiving free silver.  Numis was founded in 2009 after witnessing the infamous stock market crash that left people tumbling into financial insecurity.  Numis wanted to offer a way to relieve people financially while also promoting well-being.

As you can see, the mission statements of both WorldVentures and Numis are pretty similar—both organizations seek to promote well-being and help people financially.  Basically, a large part of Numis is based around incentive trips in turn for promoting the Numis mission.  Because of this, the Numis family figured that incorporating a travel aspect to their company would be a perfect fit.  After reaching out to one of the owners of WorldVentures, both companies decided after careful thought that a merger would be the most appropriate action.

Merging Numis with WorldVentures is beneficial to both companies because it expands both products and services, while also adding a fun aspect to the Numis community.  WorldVentures Independent Representatives will now be able to offer Silver Coins to customers and distributors, and as mentioned above, Numis will be able to offer discount travel packages.  In this merger, WorldVentures is the parent company.


Numis is still the leader in helping others Collect Genuine Collectable Coins….

WorldVentures shows us how to… have Fun, Freedom and Fulfillment by showing how to Make a Living by actually Living…

With the Merger with WorldVentures, Both Companies are able to help more people achieve a Win-Win for themselves!

As you can see, the merger taking place between Numis and WorldVentures is an excellent business opportunity that will provide both organizations with growth and diversification.  Because both companies share a love of life and opportunity, while also wanting success for their employees, this merger seems to be a successful and well thought out decision.

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  • Jessica Edwards

    I am really excited to hear about the merger between Numis and WorldVentures! Both are really great companies individually but I think that the two of them coming together is a fantastic idea! I absolutely love to travel and I can’t imagine who wouldn’t want to collect silver at the same time. What a perfect match!!

    • Joseph Skoda

      You said it Jessica. This Merger is the Perfect Match. Collecting Assets while one Travels. That is the Life!

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  • Rich Kopystynsky

    Now that the merger with Numis is about done I’ve got dream trips through World Ventures at bulk rates! What a deal

    • Joseph Skoda

      That’s right Rich. Now our “Dream” Trips can become a Reality.

  • randall rayborn

    I attended the webinar last week. Numis and World Ventures merging? Wow! Didn’t see that coming!

  • Courtney Berggren

    I’ve been looking into joining Numis Network as a career option. I just heard about the merger with World Ventures. Coins and travel together…I’m intrigued at the endless possibilities!

    • Joseph Skoda

      Lots of Win-Win Possibilities for all of us Courtney………

      • Courtney Berggren

        I think so too Joe! Precious metals and the fun of travel sounds like a winner to me too
        ! I can’t wait to get started!

        • Joseph Skoda

          and the Countdown Starts. This is going to be a lot of fun….

  • Leanne Cepaitis Kopystynsky

    Numis is already a super company to represent now that they are merging with World Venture things should get even better!

    • Joseph Skoda

      I agree Leanne. I thought the idea of exchanging paper dollars for “True” assets was good enough. I see now that it is better than ever before….

      • Leanne Cepaitis Kopystynsky

        I can’t wait to see all the opportunities in store! 🙂

  • Chuck Jellings

    I’ve researched the opportunities with both World Ventures and Numis. Now with the merger I’m jumping on bored!

  • Mike Brooks

    Numis & World Venture announced a merger. Awesome!! I like money!

  • Diane Ochoa

    Coins and Travel together? That’s an interesting concept. I’m interested in seeing how this merger between World Ventures and Numis Networks works out

  • Jeff Newton

    I’ve been with Numis for 2 years now. I’m pumped about the new products coming in with World Ventures. I’m looking forward to taking a few trips too!

  • Greg DeAngelo

    I’m so excited about the merger with Numis and World Ventures. I’m looking forward to the new opportunities the merger will bring to me and my team.

  • Bill Fulcher

    I just started with World Ventures six months ago and now with the merger between Numis and World Ventures all I can say is Ca-ching!- Ca-ching!!

    • Joseph Skoda

      I couldn’t have said it better myself Bill….

  • Bob Cline

    I’m excited about the merger between World Ventures and Numis Networks. I’m already a silver collector. And now to add travel to the mix! Two great companies with fantastic offerings. What a great opportunity!

  • Meridith Plummer

    I have worked with both companies and I’m thrilled to see the merger with World Ventures and Numis. I can only see good things coming out that! It’s a great chance to secure my future.

  • JR Hendricks

    The merger with Numis and World Ventures is great! Silver is a winner already but pairing it with discounted travel opportunities makes the deal even sweeter! It’s a win-win for everyone. I can’t wait to spread the work to everyone I know!

    • Joseph Skoda

      It’s definitely a sweet deal for all of us JR….

  • William Potkonjak

    My brother-in-law works with this company and has been trying to get me onboard. I just read a lot about the Numis / World Venture merger and both companies look great individually but together the offerings are awesome. Traveling and collecting assets at the same time looks like it could be in the plans for my future!

  • Dave Hammer

    Numis + World Ventures + Merger = $$$$$$

  • Don Zelvis

    Traveling and collecting wealth sounds like a good idea to me. The merger with Numis Network and World Ventures sounds like a good opportunity to have fun and make money at the same time. Definitely something I’m checking into.

  • Patricia Werner

    I love Numis already. Now with World Ventures coming into the mix, I think I’m going to love my job even more!

  • Penny Quinn

    The merger between Numis and World Ventures is big news in the marketing world. Assets and travel sounds like a winner to me!

  • Diana Opeka

    I looks like we are all in for some great opportunities with the merger between Numis and World Ventures. Definitely a win win situation! Two thumbs up!

  • Timothy Greene

    With the constant inconsistency of paper currency precious metals are without a doubt the way to go. Building wealth while traveling, a novel concept. Way to go Numis and World Ventures!

  • Belinda Barringer

    I’m glad to see the merger with World Ventures and Numis. Two great companies and a great combination of offerings. That can only mean good things for everyone involved.

  • Travis L Turner

    I’m with Numis already and was thrilled when I got word about the merger with World Ventures. It’s a great way for me to expand my horizons, grow my wealth, and secure my future. I couldn’t ask for anything more! Thanks N &WV!

  • Deb Lovell

    I love silver I love travel I’m a happy girl! Thanks World Ventures and Numis!

    • Joseph Skoda

      There is a lot of “BUZZ” going on about this Merger. It’s time we step up to the plate.

  • Phillip Zorc

    I’m looking forward to a long profitable career with Numis & World Ventures.

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