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Become A Successful Entrepreneur

by Mr Joe on June 30, 2011

become a successful entrepreneur
To become an entrepreneur, I .. ?

Business Administration to follow? Or there is another way that is better, more professional and allows me to have a higher score? Many people want to get involved in entrepreneurship in later life. Your earning a degree in administration with a concentration in Entrepreneurship and Small Business Administration or through other ways. Does this mean you can actually take courses in business admin in my life forward and become a successful entrepreneur as well?

More pioneering business leaders do not have a background in business management. I leave it to managers. Successful entrepreneurs come from all walks of life – housewives, accountants, filmmakers, economists, lawyers, doctors, engineers, scientists and, of course, computer programmers. Corporate governance is an awful title unless you already have a trade or title behind the practice you and some industry experience to support their studies and still is not really necessary, since no business management career can never happen in the spirit entrepreneur. A millionaire told me that successful business management tends to prepare people for middle management positions. Good entrepreneurs are practical, education comes from the “streets”. Build a business through hard work, trial and error and just a theory and then, when the hard work is done and your business is a great success, usually employ a general manager to run the business then, as is sit back and reap the economic benefits, or, more likely entrepenurial because his spirit, move on to the pipe, which is almost always bigger and better. Richard Branson is a great example of a successful entrepreneur. Left school early, but despite his lack of academic success, the installation of a number of large companies that lead to it becoming one of the people world’s richest with a fortune of 6 billion dollars. You can not teach the qualities of an entrepreneur – this comes from life experience, not college learning and a degree of Mickey Mouse, and business management. Of course, business schools will not tell you – they want to spend thousands of dollars on a certification business. There are many more graduate business school of millionaires. He has to say something.!

How You Can Become A Successful Entrepreneur

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