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Average Vs Successful Entrepreneur

by Mr Joe on July 27, 2011



The Difference Between an Average and a Successful Entrepreneur is usually only about five percent.

Intelligence and Opportunity hardly matters.  In fact, nearly all start-up businesses produce wealthy people.  Then why isn’t everyone wealthy then?  Let me tell you.  Mediocrity is the key.  Most people simply don’t do enough for their success.

The Right Tools and the Right Business helps, but you also must have passion and belief that what you are doing or involved with is the best for you and your family.  Too many people set up a website and call some friends and family expecting quick results.  This is hardly the case.

You see Successful Entrepreneurs become a student of their businesses and learn all that they can and then put it into action.  They will not sit still waiting for something to happen.   They make it happen.  They create their own success.  The Average Entrepreneur usually doesn’t stay consistent enough and is often distracted by the “shiny coin” syndrome.  They are always looking for the next Big Thing to come along instead of focusing on the opportunity that they have right in front of them.

Successful Entrepreneurs also read and mediate.  They are as busy as everyone else, but they make time for working on themselves.  Average Entrepreneurs often complain that they don’t have enough time to accomplish anything.  We must think that their DREAM isn’t Big enough then.  As we’ve heard:  If your dream is big enough then the facts don’t count.  You will find a way to accomplish your goals.  One day at a time and consistency will give you the edge and 5% over the Mediocre entrepreneur on your way to your own successes.

Get a great opportunity, great tools and a coach to mentor you along the way.  Most importantly:  TAKE ACTION!  This is the difference between an Average Entrepreneur and a Successful Entrepreneur.

  • Godwin

    Someone said, you will succeed if you are consistent, because the majority is not consistent.Nice job

  • Yes, if you are just average, your dream is not big enough.  Be extraordinaire! Create a HUGE Success Dream!   

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