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Associations are important

by skoda on June 21, 2011



Attraction Marketing System

“You will become exactly like the people that you hang around with so be careful which Salespeople you listen to and spend time with. Whenever you have a Salesperson in your company that complains about the company, the leads, the literature and the manager get away from them! Only associate with the other Salespeople that talk positively about building a career with their own thoughts, feelings and actions. Stick with the winners!” (MJ Durkin)


I bring this up because I recently became a member of the “Pacific Christian Center” in Santa Maria.  They had the same message that this Top Network Marketer (MJ Durkin) above has….

In a Nutshell this past week’s sermon the discussion went something like this:

ENVIRONMENT:  Shapes who we associate with

WHO YOU ASSOCIATE WITH:  Shapes our Attitudes

ATTITUDES:  Shape our Decisions

THEN WE REAP:  Our Results


This is such a simple message that has been around a very long time, but how many of us pay attention to this basic principle?  I’m not trying to make this a religious message, but there is a commonality here.

In actuality, we become who we Associate with.  This may be by Direct or Indirect means, but it DOES happen.  It’s important to associate with people that we’d like to be more like.  A positive environment makes a huge difference in our lives.  Keep the negativity to a minimum.  I know that it’s not always easy, but we must try.

  • Anonymous

    Great post Joseph!  I am in total agreement with you here…. Joe Vitale says you are the sum total (average) of the top 5 people you hang out with.  That is a very powerful message and so true!  Makes you look at you who you are spending your time with!  Thanks!

  • Associations is exactly how we speak.  One think leads to another… helps us memorize too… Imagine memorizing every person you meet!  Amazing, thanks.  

    • Great point Alecia. Memorization is best remembered as we make the proper associations… Awesome!

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