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Advantages of Google PLUS and the Effects of SEO Performance

by skoda on April 30, 2012

Advantages of Google+ and the Effects of SEO Performance


Google Plus

Google has always desired for potable information associated with social interactions online. This as well seems to be the reason Google has gone with its own unique version of Facebook’s like button and twitter’s tweeters. But in order to manifest the difference across the web, Google decided to open up or allow the connection to organic search results take part in the social interaction side of things. And the very thing Google wants to display is to help friends through social networking share relevant content that both users are interested in. Google’s competition of the social market has opened up lanes for SEO performance and improvement in several key ways.

Higher Organic Rankings Form Higher Social Appeal

Earlier in 2012, the release of ‘Search Plus Your World’ by Google has revealed that the websites that have a higher Google+ social atmosphere that end up getting more +’s end up showing up higher in search results. Google has never come out and said that this is true for enhancing organic results; however the results don’t seem to lie of what is known from many SEO experts across the web.

Google+ Effects Organic Search Results

It is most assuredly known that a +1 rating and many of them do change the landscape of search rank for different websites. Indirectly it seems that this is done simply because of social connections associated with the content that is contextually searched for. The truth seems to be that the more connections a website has with people who’ve +1, the more likely that the website will be reached by the friends of those connections.

However, even without the social interaction of friends and websites, and being signed out of the Google+ platforms, the norm tends to be that Google does display a sites total number of +1’s it has received. Many times, the geo located area where you are searching from is displayed along with how many people in that area have given a +1 to the particular site. And again, sites with a higher +1 count have generally been higher in organic ranking than the ones without. The more a website is thrown around by people on social networks the more effect that these things have on a higher search ranking. This meaning that a positive social landscape for any website is a positive ideal for SEO.

The Bottom Line and SEO Ideals Associated with +1

What can be said accurately is that Google+ and its interaction with SEO efforts is a very indirect solution. Normal SEO efforts should never be cast away; however this doesn’t mean that positive social interaction will hinder your sites performance. The truth of it is that all of it helps. The more social interaction you have going through your site means a higher CTR (Click through Rate) and in turn giving your site a higher page rank. Relevant keywords, link structure, and link building have given better insight that these types of SEO efforts still remain supreme. However Google’s future with +1 could indicate a more direct effect on SEO efforts and the organic search rankings of a website.  A Shortcut many have been using is the Empower Network Platform (EN) to get an edge in SEO.  They have developed a way for even the newbie to have an “Authority” Site to post blogs on.  Empower Network allows you to promote anything of interest, build a list and make affiliate commissions on EN.  They show you how the secret of how People Love To Buy.  Talk about Power!

Google+ has many advantages as discussed above.  Use it carefully and thoughtfully and your Business WILL Soar!


  • Great article. The value of Google Plus is limited at the moment. Google place more value on sites with social interaction and +1 buttons but its not a real success at the moment. I do believe it will become more important as Google integrate everything with Google Plus. I just wonder how. Right now I use Google Plus only for SEO purpose. But there are now many services that offer a thousand +1 for only 10 dollars. So you can manipulate the system at the moment. 

    I wonder how Google can filter things like that? 

    • Google Plus still seems to be in its infancy stage, but Blogging Regular Valuable Content definitely increases SEO Rankings with Google.  Using it with EN seems to help gain more “Authority” on the web!

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