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Accountability Partners Can Be Effective

by skoda on December 2, 2017

Can An Accountability Partner Be Effective?


Having an accountability partner works very well in many situations where one or more individuals desire to reach the same goals. Without desire and dedication toward a common outcome, becoming a team for whatever particular purpose would be senseless and a big waste of time. There are many circumstances in which a person would want to consider being accountable to someone. This is a very serious decision to make because it involves letting someone else enter into your mental, spiritual, physical and even emotional world.

By nature, we as humans look to ourselves for answers and would much rather trust in our own thoughts and actions rather than those of others. Many times we are or become our own worst nightmare as a result of those very actions and thoughts.

If asked, many people would tend to say that accountability is about someone else and not themselves. The reality of being accountable is actually all about ourselves and how we handle any given situation and or responsibility. Entering into a partnership that is based on being accountable means that you yourself would need to step up to the plate and hold up your end of the mission.

The concern over the lack of accountability spans the full spectrum of mankind. In the business world, echoes of day-to-day frustration can be heard through statements like, “the deadline was today, why wasn’t this taken care of yesterday” or “I thought the night manager was supposed to submit the pay for employees”. In personal relationships, frustration rings out through statements such as, “you knew I was working, why didn’t you take care of that” or “you were the one that scheduled the delivery so why weren’t you the one home to receive it”.

Can you feel the chaos and frustration emanating from just those small examples? Just imagine if employees, our families, children, neighbors and anyone else we encountered simply lived life with an “oh well it doesn’t matter anyway” attitude. Then, to top it off we also carried on day-to-day with the same nonchalant careless attitude. Life is already hard and frustrating enough as it is, why should we make it worse for ourselves and others.

Efficiencies, expectations, tasks, commitments and productivity all sound relative to managing a business. Believe it or not, life is serious business and without having some form of structure and organization in it, all that we know can spin out of control very quickly. I guess we could call it having a method to the madness that surrounds us every day.

When we ask ourselves, can an accountability partner be effective, the answer is a resounding yes. But that answer is solely based on an individual’s decision to submit to conditions that will allow one or more people to enter their realm of thought and action. To have an effective partnership, an individual would also need to be a very effective partner themselves.

Such partnerships can work well if given a chance. But they work even more better if you give yourself a chance.


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