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Joseph Skoda – GI Joe Marketer

Hi, I’m Joseph Skoda but many people call me GI Joe Marketer.  I’ve devoted most of my Adult Life to the United States Air Force.  I proudly served my country here and abroad where I was stationed in Asia and the Middle East in addition to several states across the country.  I really loved my job.  But, that came at a Price!  Now, I help others Develop their Leadership and Marketing Skills.



I started out as an F-4 Fighter Jet Mechanic.  I loved it so much that I earned a Bachelor’s Degree in Aviation and received an FAA Airframe and Powerplant License.  I thought that I was going places.  WRONG!  The long hours and uniforms stained with grease and hydraulic fluid got the best of me.  I still loved the Air Force…I just wanted to do something else.

I retrained as an Aerospace Control and Warning Systems Operator.  A long title for aircraft surveillance.  I enjoyed the experience.  Some of my best times were working in a Mobile Unit in the Far East.  Once, we even took our convoy of 25 trucks to Thailand for a 6-week deployment.  Great job!  I worked with the Navy, Army and Marines in many Joint Ventures and even with many other nations.  It was fun until Sep 11, 2001 when I was already serving in the Middle East.  Talk about stress and not knowing how my family was doing back in the States.  For a while I wasn’t allowed to communicate with anyone.  That puts a lot of stress on a marriage and family.

I eventually made it up the ladder and got my Commission in April 2002 where I studied as a Space and Missile Systems Operator before eventually retiring as a Personnel Officer.  I knew a long time ago that I needed an education to ensure first that I could get promoted but most importantly to ensure that I could find suitable employment after I left the military.  So I got a degree in Space Operations and later on I earned an MBA and studied Psychology on top of that.  I was set…right?

That’s what I thought.  But due to early retirements for some and many companies cutting back,  employment was still hard to find.  I did the next best thing – I became a Realtor.  NOW, I’m set!  Right…whatever…this was just before the Housing Market went Bust.

As I quickly found out, my retirement income wasn’t going to cut it.  Also, I’m not really sure about this FREE Healthcare I was promised.  What a joke.  I often have to drive 4 hours each way to see my VA Doctor.  That adds to the stress.  Free isn’t always Free.  Think about it.

I retired on the Central Coast of California and couldn’t find work.  What!  That’s impossible.  Well, I did the next best thing.  I moved back to my childhood home in Ohio.  Bad decision….  They had less work to offer there and since I had all of these degrees I found myself overqualified for most positions I applied for.  One manager literally told me that he couldn’t hire me because he feared that I would eventually take his job.

A few years back I was searching Online for Jobs and I came across an ad to start my own business.  Even though I was well-educated, I still didn’t feel confident to start a business on my own.   I just wanted a job.  Kind of Stupid really.  After all, I had a Master’s in Business Administration.  Why do most of us with MBAs look for work anyway?  We should want to start our own businesses.  Right?  That’s what we studied for.

Anyways, I started selling products for a company and made a few bucks.  But, I never really figured it out until much later.  It wasn’t the products that I needed to sell.  It was ME.  People are attracted to other people not necessarily the products that they sell.  After all, should you buy Avon from Mary or Brenda?  They have the same product book to give out each month.  So how do we choose?  I found out that I had to BRAND myself.  That’s Right…  Branding oneself is perhaps the MOST important thing a Business Owner can do.  For example, Harley-Davidson, Trump, Microsoft, Virgin and KFC are all popular brands that we will never forget.  That’s the secret to MY Success in Network Marketing.

I’m GI Joe turned Network Marketer who still serves his country.  It’s all of our obligation to help others become Financially Secure so that we can stand on our own two feet.  We shouldn’t have to rely on our Government to help or the local soup kitchen to fill our appetite.  It’s really up to us.

I traveled the world while I was in the Military and often my family could not join me.  It was big sacrifice we all had to make.  I even spent 4 Thanksgivings, Christmases and New Years in a row in Saudi Arabia.  I missed a lot of my children growing up.  Today, thanks to Network Marketing, we can travel as a family.

I spend my time now working with Veterans, the Homeless and my Church.  I give my time back to my community and I travel whenever possible.  I’ve truly enjoyed my previous career with the Military.  Now, I’m able to enjoy my career giving back!

Now, I find myself helping others achieve their own goals and desires.  Through Internet Marketing and Social Networks, I have found ways to help more people than ever before.  Let me help you accomplish your own goals and desires.  Better yet, feel free to participate and leave comments of your own that can help the other followers here that read this blog.  It’s for everyone.  Come join us…  Spread the word!

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